The Wedding

Kevin and I were married on June 4, 2011 in Avon, Indiana at the gorgeous Avon Gardens. From the programs to the flowers, the cake to the favors, we DIYed 100% of our wedding (with the help of our wonderful families).

For more on our wedding, check out our Wedding Friday posts (here, here, and here).

All photos used with permission of our excellent photographers, Bowersock Photography.

Bowersock Photography - Beals-615


    • littlehousebigheart says:

      Thanks! I fell in love with it before I tried on a single dress. It was from a 2008 collection, so the boutique I went to didn’t have it. I tried on about 100 other dresses and finally had them order the dress to try. The lady didn’t even have it zipped before I knew I had to have it.

      I did the same thing with the house and the husband, too — saw them, loved them immediately, tried a few others on for size just to be sure, but eventually went back to what I first fell in love with 🙂

  1. floridaysmom says:

    I saw you mention ‘whimsical’ somewhere and thats exactly the word that came to mind when looking thru your pics. Just beautiful. Are those different flavored popcorn? If so, please talk to me about about the biscuits and gravy flavors. YUM!

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      Aw, you’re so sweet! That’s exactly the feel we wanted for the wedding!

      They are different flavored popcorn! They’re from a small boutique south of Indianapolis (where we got married). We had dill pickle, key lime pie, and yes, biscuits and gravy. They tasted just like sausage gravy!

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