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Meet our baby. I say baby not because our house is young (it’s 70+… older than our grandparents), but because that’s how we view it – it’s something we worked hard together to “create,” we love it, we’re proud of it, and now we’re embarking on a journey to raise our little fledgling bungalow from our first house to our first home.

Here’s a little video we took for Blogiversary Week 2012.

This is the exterior of the Little House. When we moved in there wasn’t much grass, a lot of shrubs, and one magnificent live oak (the previous owner proposed to his wife under it!). So far this summer we’ve managed to remove the shrubs, plant real, live flowers, and make new pillows for our Adirondacks. We have even more plans, though. Like grass. Real, legit, not-just-dirt-grass.

And in progress:

Step inside the front door and you immediately enter our living room. I am in love with our fireplace. And crown molding. And the gray wall color we chose. We’ve actually updated a couple of  things since the progress photo was taken, so we’ll hopefully be able up add an updated one soon.

And in progress:

The living and dining room have seen the most updating since we’ve moved in. The dining room is quite a bit smaller than the living room, but it has two great windows. Also, the light fixture isn’t centered over the dining room table. My engineer-OCD-ness can hardly handle it, so recentering will (hopefully) be one of the next projects we tackle.

Isn’t the arched doorway wonderful? Here is a progress shot:

Little House Big Heart Dining Room AfterThe Kitchen: It’s small, but a lot bigger than our previous apartment kitchen. I love the butcher block counters and all the light! The previous owner had gutted the kitchen and added Ikea cabinets/counters, so all we will likely change is the floor and paint color. So far, all we’ve done in here is to move in my truckload of kitchen gadgets.

And in progress:

The spare bedroom: This room has five huge windows. If it had more closet space, the hubs and I might switch rooms. Again, all we’ve done in here is move in furniture. That red wall and cieling fan are definitely on the chopping block.

And in progress:

Master Bedroom: We love all the windows of the guest room, but the closets in this room (and its a little bit bigger) sold us on choosing this as our master bedroom.

And in progress:

And now:

Flanged Euro Shams

The Office: This little room was originally a screened-in porch that was closed off to make a small back room. We’re working on making this space a functional office/mudroom.  We had originally hoped to make it a large master bath, but as it’s the only way out to the back yard, we decided that wasn’t feasible. We pieced together our built in desks from Ikea. Next up in this room is new flooring. The carpet is gross!

And in progress:

Office Renovation 2013

The Bathroom: We don’t have a before shot of our bathroom, but little has changed. We painted the walls a green color matched (then lightened by a few shades) to the green tile. I sewed curtains and hemmed the shower curtain as well. Other than that, we’re holding off on this room until we can completely gut and reno it… this April!

Beals Bathroom Befores

Finally, the Laundry Room: It’s really not a room, it’s a former closet in the hallway directly across from the bath.

Laundry Before

And now:

Little House Big Heart Laundry Room Stamping Makeover


  1. Kati says:

    We’ve got a TEENSY apartment. Love to hear what some of your favorite thrifty/free ideas are for making a small place functional and personal! Thanks for sharing- your house is adorbs!

  2. floridaysmom says:

    Stopping on by via Brave New House. Love what you’ve done with your house. Your kitchen makes me jealous…I want that farmhouse sink so bad. Love all the lime accents in your living room and how they pop in such a calm neutral space. Very nice. You managed to make a quaint two bedroom place feel so open. I’m adding you to my list to follow.

  3. Melanie says:

    Your house looks so cute. My husband and I recently bought our first home and I am loving making it our own. It’s blogs like yours that keep me inspired!

  4. Courtney says:

    I came over from Popcorn on the Stove, and I’m so glad I did because your house is so cute! I look forward to exploring your blog!

  5. Jenn@NearAndFarMontana says:

    Ahh, how did I just notice this! Your bathroom reminds me just a bit of our teal tile (with swans painted on an accent tile) and I have no idea what to do with it. I finally got the wallpaper off and the walls cleaned, but can’t figure out what to do with it. A lighter, matching shade might work great. Such a good idea!

  6. tia mia says:

    Love your house! Have you decided which tile you will be using in your office/mudroom? We just tiled our foyer with the same 12 x 24 charcoal grey tiles you were considering as an option for your office/mudroom…and we love it!

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