A Table for Two (Year Olds)

It might be all-bathroom-all-the-time around the Little House right now, but we don’t want to subject you guys to that!  We’ll have a few posts now and then that are completely unrelated to the crazy reno going on. We hope you enjoy them!

If there’s one piece of furniture I remember most growing up, it would be a little table and two chairs given to my sister and I by our paternal grandparents. I don’t remember getting the table; we just always had it.  It was brown wood and was home to more tea parties, Play-Doh creations, Easy Bake disasters, and pretend restaurants than you can shake a stick at (not sure why you’d want to shake a stick at my childhood memories, though…).

As we grew up, the table passed down to the scores of younger cousins (yes, scores) that were always visiting and playing in our forgotten playhouse in the basement.  The table was covered in doodles in marker and crayon, vestiges of artwork that couldn’t be contained on a single sheet of construction paper. The chairs were as coveted a seat as any first class recliner on a long-haul flight and squabbles to claim one resulted in many a time out being given.

Eventually, even the scores of cousins outgrew the little table and chairs and they were left to sit alone in our basement and wait for the next group of kids to come along.  Instead of kids, the next thing to come along was a flood.  After a torrential rain, our childhood home was left with several feet of water in the basement that didn’t recede for days.  When the water finally drained, the little table was a broken down wreck of itself and was tossed to the side to be taken to the dump.

That’s where my sister found it. That’s where she rescued it and took it to her grandfather-in-law to be saved. They replaced the parts that couldn’t be repaired and restored it to even more than it’s former glory.  A coat of white paint and a chalkboard top have given this little table a new lease on life with a new kid, our niece, Emma, to doodle and have tea parties and to run imaginary five-star restaurants.

Little House. Big Heart. | DIY Kids Chalkboard Table

My sister even wrote a sweet note to my niece on the bottom of the table explaining its history.

Little House. Big Heart. | DIY Kids Chalkboard Table

It’s a little hard to read, so here’s what it says:

Sweet Emma Sue,

This table was Mommy and Aunt Jessie’s (EDIT: that’s me!)back when we were just little girls; our Mamaw, your great-Mamaw, Virginia McKinley, gave it to us.  It was probably the single most used piece of furniture we had.  In 2008 there was a bad flood and Mamaw and Papaw’s basement filled with water and the table got wet and destroyed.  When you were 2 years old, mommy saw it in pieces at their house and saved it.  I took the pieces all to Daddy’s grandpa, your great-grandpa Ike Wasson, and he managed to restore and repair all the wood and put the table back together and even added the wood buttons.  We all hope you have so much fun with it, and may it always remind you of who you are and the one who have loved you along the way!

I love you more than words can say, Love, Mommy

PS. Mommy painted the top with chalkboard paint and the sides white after Grandpa restored it.

Seriously, I tear up every time I read that.  I think I need a moment.

What was your most memorable piece of furniture growing up? Have you passed any of your old things on to your kids/nieces/nephews?  Does anyone else want to play with Play-Doh now?

Friends with Benefits

10 Reasons to be Friends with Benefits in Your Marriage | Little House. Big Heart.

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend in the world. Our friendship is at the very heart of our marriage. Really, for us, our friendship is our marriage. We like to think of ourselves as friends with benefits.

I know, I know. That term has a bad rap, but there are so many reasons to be friends with benefits in your marriage. Here are 10 of my favorites:

1.  No waiting to text or call to tell my best friend about the crazy dream I had last night… he’s right there beside me (snoring away).

2.  My best friend gets me. I mean, gets me gets me. He sees me at my best… and at my crazy lady worst (and believe me, that ain’t pretty).

3.  I never have to choose between hanging out with my best friend and hanging my with my husband (it makes date nights AWESOME).

4.  There’s nothing to hide. If I do something stupid with my best friend on a night out (like yelling about french fries at 2am on a street in Belgium) my husband can’t get mad (he was the one there teaching me how to yell french fries in French).

5.  I can hit on my best friend and not get in trouble with my husband. Actually, he encourages it.

6.   I get to have adventures traveling with my husband and my best friend on vacation and only have to buy one plane ticket.

7.  My best friend can remedy the bad days with pizza, nerdy TV, and cuddling on the couch without my husband getting jealous.

8.  I can have… benefits… with my best friend any time I want. My husband enthusiastically encourages this. 😉

9. I get to share life’s biggest moments with both my husband and my best friend without worrying I’m leaving someone out of something big.

10. My best friend will never move away, never find a better friend, or lose touch.  He will be beside me though everything this life may throw at us.


More than almost anything else, our friendship it is what keeps us looking forward to spending the next day together.  When you’re blessed enough to get to spend every single day of your life with your best friend, that life can’t help but be awesome.

Happy Anniversary, KB! Today we’re not just celebrating the day we got married, but our whole marriage!  Here’s to many more nights of frites, just one more episode of Doctor Who, and afternoons spent laying in the grass with the sprinkler on our feet. I love you!

Easter 2014 Little House. Big Heart.

Do you have any other reasons why being friends with benefits in your marriage is the best idea ever?

Photo credits to Bowersock Photography and Deven Miller.

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Ft. Worth Weekend

Our weekend was so good that I never got around to working on the blog, so please bear with us as things are still on the move around here!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m blessed with (quite possibly) the best husband ever.  I know, I know.  You have an awesome husband, too (or maybe you ARE the awesome husband in question and kudos to you!), but hear me out.

On Friday, Kevin surprised me with a date weekend in Ft. Worth to see three of the performances of the Ft. Worth Opera. Everything started with shared plates and craft cocktails at one of my favorite restaurants in Ft. Worth, Bird Cafe. Their lavender gin Fitzgerald was incredible (I think I’m going to replicate it soon for a cocktail of the week)!

The Fitzgerald at the Bird Cafe Ft. Worth

Next up for the weekend was Bizet’s “The Pearl Fishers,” a beautiful opera about (who’d have guessed) a love triangle. The costumes were gorgeous and the music was perfect. Luckily they had an English translation projected above the scene (everything was in French!).


We ended Friday night with drinks on Sundance Square.  If you’ve never been to Ft. Worth, you really should go. It’s such a fun downtown!  Isn’t Kev dapper in his blazer?


We got out of our hotel pretty early on Saturday morning and headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was early enough in the morning that all the animals were still up and moving about, so we got to see some of them playing and walking around (instead of sleeping in the warm sunshine like this guy).


After the zoo, we headed to Rahr and Sons Brewery for a tour and tasting of their local craft beers. We are, after all, beer nerds at heart.


A nice dinner later, we headed back to Bass Hall for a perfomrance of Mozart’s “Così Fan Tutte,” a comedy that I absolutely loved (along with it’s 1920s setting).  On Sunday we were home for a big event at our church, but then headed back to Ft. Worth for one last opera called “Silent Night,” a story of the Christmas cease fire during the WWI. It was incredibly beautiful and moving!

We ended our weekend by celebrating May the Fourth in our backyard by watching Star Wars on our new projector and blowup movie screen (just when we thought our backyard couldn’t get any better).


All in all it was an absolutely fantastic weekend and definitely proof that I have the best husband ever… or close to it, anyway.

How were your weekends? Was the weather in your neck of the woods as gorgeous as ours was in North Texas? What do you think of the new header? We’re open to (and hoping for) suggestions!

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Garnering Some R&R

Kevin and I played hookey on Friday and spent the weekend about an hour west of San Antonio at Garner State Park.

We never claim to be hardcore campers, as is evident by our not so rustic setup… a huge air mattress, our down comforter, feather pillows, and a space heater. Garner 1 LHBHWe had a lovely Camp Valentine’s Day dinner complete with grilled ribeyes and asparagus, gooey smores, and a nice bottle of wine we got on our trip to California.

Garner 2 LHBHSaturday we hiked and hiked and hiked. When we finally collapsed back at our campsite our phones (we were running the Adidas MyCoach app to track our distance) reported we’d hiked over 10 miles with over 1800 feet in elevation change. The views were worth it though.

Garner 4 LHBHGarner 5 LHBHGarner 7 LHBHWe even invented a new camp food while we were there: campfire mozzarella sticks. Just take a string cheese, stick it on a hot dog roaster, wrap it in a crescent roll, toast, and viola!

Garner 3 LHBH We had a great time and are already planning our next camping trip for when we get back from Asia!

What did you do for you Valentine’s Day Weekend? Do you camp? What’s your favorite camping treat?

Last December

So what were we up to this December that kept us so busy that we couldn’t blog?

We didn’t go ice skating on the fake ice at Dallas’ Klyde Warren Park, but enjoyed some chess while taking in the the Dallas skyline with some members of our Honeymooners Bible Study group.

Klyde Warren 2 LHBH Klyde Warren 3 LHBH KlydeWarren 1 LHBHWe headed to Tampa for Christmas with Kevin’s family. The weather was lovely and we were lucky enough to spend some time watching football with Kevin’s parents, walking on the beach, baking cookies with our gorgeous niece.

Christmas Florida 1 LHBH Christmas Florida 2 LHBH Christmas Florida 3 LHBH Christmas Florida 5 LHBHWe also headed up north to celebrate the holiday with my family in Indiana. We barely missed out on the Snow-pocalypse, but we did get to exchange gifts, go to a Colts game, and spend New Years with some close friends.

Christmas Indiana LHBH 1 Christmas Indiana LHBH 2New Years 2014 LHBH 1We really had a great month and really appreciate all of you sticking with us while we took a break!

We’re curious, though, what you were all up to while we were MIA! How were your Decembers?

Resolving on 2014

We’re back! The rumors of our deaths were greatly exaggerated – we simply had a crazy December and decided to take the month off. 2014’s here now, though, and we’re ready to get on with another awesome year.

The lister in me loves writing out my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s almost a ritual for me to get out pen and paper on New Year’s day and scratch out what I’d like my next year to look like.  Kevin (who’s not exactly a Type A lister), added his thoughts and the list below took shape.


Resolution 1: Finish what we’ve started. There’s several projects around the Little House that we just haven’t quite put the finishing touches on yet. Not to name names, but… the backyard, office, laundry nook, and master bedroom. We’re so close to calling these spaces done; we just need to push through and get them to 100%.

New Rug Pre FievelResolution 2: Remodel the Bathroom. We’ve been talking about the big bathroom remodel for ages, but the time has finally come. We’re starting to work on finding the look we want and planning for the best time to be without a shower (since we only have one bathroom).

bathroom-progress2Resolution 3: Update the Kitchen. This goal is a big maybe. We’d love to retile the kitchen with the same tile we used in the office, paint the walls a sexy navy, and the trim a crisp white, but the logistics of tiling the kitchen are a bit daunting. More on that soon.



Resolution 1: Get Healthy. In 2014 we’re going to hit the gym 3x a week… in the morning. Before work. Before the sun is up. I am the opposite of a morning person. I don’t see this going well. We’re also going to attempt to run the Dallas Metro PCS Half Marathon next December.  I’m also not a great runner. I can finish a 5k, but by the way I go on afterwords you’d think I just finished an ultramarathon. I wheeze. I gasp. I complain. And now I’ve agreed to run 13.1 miles with Kevin. If I can manage to keep both these goals it’ll be a miracle.

Hollywood Heights 5k

Resolution 2: Unplug. I stare at a computer screen eight hours a day. When Kevin’s not on his computer at work, he’s on his phone for conference calls. So this year we want to unplug while we’re home: go on more walks, ride our bikes, sit in the backyard with our phones in the house.


Resolution 3: Simplify. We have a lot of stuff. We’re not even sure what all the stuff is; we just know that we have tubs and tubs of unknown possessions in our attic, garage, and spare bedroom. It’s time we organized and decluttered the Little House.

Hopefully we’ll be able to keep all our 2014 resolutions. I feel like 2014 is going to be a big year for us, but then again, I feel that way about every year. And I’m usually right.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions this year? Do you have any big plans? What do you think 2014 will hold for you?

Winter Wonderland

We’re walking (because we’re sure as heck not driving) in a winter wonderland here in Dallas today.

We’re covered in a half inch of ice and an inch of sleet. Two days ago it was 80 degrees. Today? 27 degrees with a wind chill of 10. I know for those of you up north that doesn’t seem like much (and even as native Midwesterners we’re used to worse), but for the native southerners down here this is a ice-pocalypse.

I snapped a few photos this morning. We plan on going out later to take more once the freezing rain stops for good.

Firetruck Downed Limb LHBH

Bowed Live Oak LHBH

Ice Berries LHBH

Icy Oak Leaves LHBH

Icy Garland LHBH

Stay safe today if you’re getting the same weather we are! Have a great weekend!

Our Weekend

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Since we’re still in a bit of a leftover induced coma, today we’re sharing some snapshots from our long weekend.

We had some close friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had the usual spread; two turkeys, two dressings, corn souffle, cranberry sauce,  sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts… and more. There was so much food!

Thanksgiving 4_LHBH

Thanksgiving 3_LHBH

Thanksgiving 1_LHBH

On Friday, we picked out our very first real tree. Kevin played shy, but we eventually found just the right one.

Kevin at Home Depot_LHBH

Christmas Tree 1_LHBH

Christmas Tree 2_LHBH Saturday morning saw us don our ugly sweaters and reindeer hats, dress up the doggies, and head to Fair Park for the Ugly Sweater Run. The girls weren’t too thrilled to be wearing sweaters, but they did enjoy the run.

Ugly Sweater Run 1_LHBH

We spent Sunday after church working on our exterior Christmas lights. Kevin braved a crepe myrtle tree to put lights on our roof line (DO NOT use a ladder in the same manner as him) while I scaled our giant live oak.

Exterior Illumination 1_LHBH3

Exterior Illumination 2_LHBH

What did you do this weekend? I hope you were all safe and had a wonderful holiday!

Happy Day After the 4th of July!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend (and if you’re at work, I’ll have an adult beverage on the beach for you).

We’re still working on the site, so please bear with us.

We’ll be back on Monday with a regular post, but in the meantime all we have for you is a pic of the fireworks from last night on Siesta Key Beach.

Siesta Key Fireworks 2013 Little House. Big Heart.

Have a great weekend!