Shelf Life

It was a Wednesday night like any other. Kevin and I were in the kitchen, cooking up some (awesome) tacos when suddenly we hear: CLUNK! CRASH! SHATTER!

We’d left some glasses sitting on the higher (and more level) of the two shelves we installed Sunday night.

Little House Big Heart Lack Floating Shelf BarBig mistake. Two glasses had fallen to their deaths and imbedded their shards in our jute rug.

We had to admit it. We’d tried to make the Ikea Lack floating shelves work, but no matter how many anchors we added, they weren’t going to sit level. We needed brackets.  Two trips to Home Depot later (I only bought two brackets the first trip; I’m a bit of a ditz sometimes) we had anchored and leveled our brackets.

Honestly, I don’t dislike the way they turned out. I took this pictures this morning without much light, so please ignore how grainy they turned out.

Little House Big Heart Finished Bar Shelves Dining Room

Styling isn’t my forte, but I think these shelves may be the best I’ve put together yet. I raided other shelves in the house though, so now there’s bare spots in a few places I need to figure out.

Little House Big Heart Styled Shelves Dining Room

Our little dining room is coming right along. I think I may try to sew some curtains here in the near future and get the gallery wall up on the other side of the room. Once those things are done, we can cross the dining room off the list (for now)!

Little House Big Heart Dining Room AfterAny big plans for the weekend?