A Little Something-Something

So I don’t have the big laundry reveal for you guys today. This week was just too crazy and I didn’t get a single thing done on the project.

Well, that’s a lie. I’ve thought about it. And I think the nook needs some paint. Or stenciling Or something. There’s just too much white going on.


Because the wall is very textured, I don’t think a stencil would work (otherwise I’d probably already be stenciling).

I think I could free hand large stripes in either navy or the same Dolphin Fin gray we have in the rest of the house. We’re planning on adding some under-cabinet lighting, I think we could go dark. Maybe the same navy I’m putting in the kitchen (more on that soon)?

Stripes (source)

I also love the idea of applying fabric to the wall using starch. I think this would go over and with the texture, and would be completely temporary, allowing us to change it out if we needed. My only concern here is if heat/humidity of a laundry nook might cause the starch to give (although to be fair our laundry nook doesn’t really get too hot or humid… it’s a nook after all).


I think I may give the fabric a go… if the hubs will remove the shelf brackets we already installed and move out the washer and dryer.

Do you have any suggestions for sprucing up a very textured wall?

A Little Getaway

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that Kevin and I snuck away for a last minute getaway to LA.


Kev, using his usual deal finding skills, found last minute (and I mean last minute) tickets to LA Friday night for ~$150/person. We had some Disney tickets we’d won in a charity raffle burning a hole in our pockets, so we packed a bag and headed out.

We spent Saturday at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. As two old hats with Walt Disney World, Disneyland was an awesome change of pace.


IMG_1854Yesterday we drove from Anaheim to a winery in Laguna, then drove all the way up Highway 1 to a couple wineries north of Malibu (all while listening to the Rangers win on the radio).

IMG_1864LAWe finished up with an amazing meal at Animal in LA.


We landed in Dallas at 4:45am this morning, so forgive the quick post. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever done a spur of the moment getaway? Where would you go if you could?

If you’re participating in our Photo-A-Day challenge, don’t forget that we’re starting up tomorrow!

A Photo-A-Day Idea

Happy Friday, guys!

Today I wanted to pose a question.

Lately, I’ve been pondering doing a photo-a-day challenge – not the fun Instagram ones, but one with my “big camera” to help me develop as a photographer.

20130913-091103.jpgI really want to focus on both composition and learning to fully take advantage of my Canon 60D’s capabilities.

20130913-091354.jpgWould any of you be interested in joining me? I think I’m going to start with a 30-day challenge – one good photo a day for a month.


Let me know if you’re interested in joining me! Have a great weekend!

PS. If this shows up funky, our network is down here at the office and I had to write this post as a replacement on my phone.

Bouncing off the Ceiling

My arms are tired.

Why? KB and I were up until midnight wallpapering the old acoustic tile ceiling in our office. The square, speckled tiles were dated, yellowed, and gross; it was time for them to go.

Acoustic Ceiling Before

But while we wanted them gone in the worst way, we didn’t want to tear them out and risk getting into a project over our heads (no pun intended). Instead, we decided to cover them up. We originally thought to plank them a la The Lettered Cottage, but when my mom suggested paintable wainscot wallpaper we decided to give it a go.

Allen + Roth Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper

The project isn’t quite finished, so we’ll be back on Monday with a full how-to (including our first time lapse video!). It’s already starting to look great though.Wainscot Wallpaper Progress

We’ll take care of the remaining bubbles tonight and give the whole ceiling a few coats of fresh, clean white paint. My mom, who’s used this product on most of the ceilings in my childhood home, says that once we get the paint up, the dark outlines of the ceiling tiles won’t be visible.

What are you working on these days? Have you ever seen a wallpapered ceiling? Does your 1940s-50s-60s home have ugly acoustic tiles?


Lighting Bugs

I love Little House. I really do. And yet, just like any relationship, there’s a few things about her that just drive me bonkers (like the laundry room and the office carpet and the bathroom tile).

And then there’s the light fixture over kitchen sink. It drives me bananas! I’m not sure what it is about it that I hate so much, but I just don’t like it.

Kitchen Before

While Kevin and I were spring cleaning the kitchen last week, I took the fixture apart to clean it. When I put it back together, I forgot to add one of the pieces… and something magical happened.

The fixture got less ugly. The ones on the left were put back without the dish thingys (for lack of a better term), while the ones on the right were installed with them.

kitchen lights 2

To me, the fixture looks so much simpler without the additional dish things (does anyone know what they’re actually called?), so we went ahead and removed them from the two lights on the right.

What do you think? Which way would you leave the fixture? Do you think it’s as ugly as I do?


For a while now we’ve been contemplating making some changes to things here around Little House. Big Heart.


kev paintingAnd we don’t mean painting.


For the summer, we’re going to try posting just three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). This should give us more time to plan and put together our posts and (hopefully) give you better posts to read.


There’s a lot to look forward to this summer from LHBH. We’ll be grilling all next week with our Thrill of the Grill Week (and giveaway).


We’ll be finishing up our long running backyard renovation.

Rosie Soaking Up The Sun

And we’ll be tackling a few other projects that are driving us crazy.

We hope you’ll stick around the Little House with us!


2 Years and a Goodbye

Two years ago today Kevin and I got the keys to the Little House.


But today, we’re putting her on the market. That’s right, the Little House is for sale.

for sale

We’re just plain tired of DIY.

Wendy the Pipe Wrench

We’re tired of gardening.


We’re tired of powerwashing.


We’re tired of jackhammering.

Meet Jack

We’re tired of painting.

kev painting

We’re tired of the Little House. So we’re selling it.

april fools

Who are we kidding? We love DIY and we are absolutely, positively, head-over-heels in love with the Little House! It’s been two years since we got the keys and we wouldn’t trade a single day (except maybe the one where the AC went out or the one where the bathtub backed up, or the one with the hail storm)!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Coming off the Bench

Well, they’re done. Ish.

The benches, I mean.

They’re assembled, but we can’t paint them until the pressure treated bases have time to cure (if you paint them before they’re dry the paint will bubble and flake).

And they look awesome.

DIY Outdoor Table and Benches

Instead of one 8′ long bench, we decided to go with two four foot benches. This way they’re easy to move around to add extra seating to the fire pit area.

When assembling these benches, we cut all of our pieces for all the benches and pre-drilled them with the Kreg Jig (for how to use a Kreg Jig, check out yesterday’s post).

DIY outdoor cedar benches

diy outdoor table legs


Once all the pieces were cut, we assembled them in stages, getting each bench to the same point before moving on with the next step.

DIY outdoor benches and table

DIY outdoor benches and table cedar

DIY outdoor benches and  cedar table

Once the bases were completed, all we had to do was add struts and the cedar top.

Cedar DIY Outdoor Benches

I can’t wait to get them stained and painted! We’re so glad we got them done in time for the boil (just ignore the ladder; we were working on hanging our string lights last night)!

Finished DIY Cedar Table and benches

Would you ever build your own table? Would you like a more detailed explanation of the table and benches (with cut lists and materials and whatnot)?

I shared this post on Domestic Superhero’s Thursday Link Party! Check it out!


A New Direction

So we changed our minds again.

For the last time, though. Probably.

The last time Kevin and I actually sat down and discussed what we wanted to see in the backyard we used floorplanner.com and came up with this plan. It’s a great start and definitely got the ball rolling on our backyard project.


But that was August… exactly six months ago. Since then we’ve broadened the scope of our backyard project quite a bit, but hadn’t taken the time to consider how all of the changes affected last summer’s plan.  It was time to sit down and reevaluate the project before going any farther.

We love what we came up with. We think it flows better than our original plan, leaves room for upgrades, and is completely doable in the 24 days we have left until our big St. Pat’s Crawfish boil. Just a note, though: we marked this up last night on Kevin’s iPad, so you may have to use your imagination with the rendering. And for reference, the giant black dots are trees (yes, there’s a tree in the middle of our deck).

The New Backyard Plan

In the new plan we’ve eschewed the bar around the corner crepe myrtle tree in favor of a drink-ledge-type bar on the deck. We’ll have metal stools along the ledge for more seating on the deck (or anywhere out back, really – that’s the beauty of stools). We like this idea because unlike the previous plan, this takes advantage of the great space we have up on the deck and leaves more room on the patio for our dining area.

Metal Stools

We’ve also decided to go with a long farm-style dining table with benches that can be moved around for more seating.  We plan on building the table this week and sharing it with you next Wednesday (*cough*Pinterest Challenge*cough*cough).

The last big change is that we’ve decided to go with a moveable metal fire tub in lieu of a permanent stacked stone pit. We like the versatility of being able to tuck it out of the way on hot summer nights when it’s not wanted or to move it to allow for more people to crowd around this time of year. We’re particularly fond of this model. It’s copper and fairly pricey, but at $263 it’s still cheaper than the stacked Austin stone variety we were considering.

fire pit

Hopefully we’re set to go now. The sprinkler guys start tomorrow, the fencing guys are staring today, and we’ll start the patio and sod next week. With only three weeks until our boil, we’re going to have to hustle to get everything done but we’re finally to the point where things are going to start happening… and fast!

A Little Garden Update: 12.10.12

Kevin and I both grew up gardening with our families. Sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans… we grew it all. That’s why when we decided to grow a little garden in the back yard of our very first home. We built a raised garden bed we designed ourselves, planted early, watered often, and waited. The Little Garden grew. It was green and leafy and gorgeous.

The Little Garden

But the Little Garden, she never produced. Between monster hail storms and the hot Texas summer, the weather was just too harsh.

That is until December. We’ve had two weeks in the mid-70s and low 80s and the plants are loving it.

Since March, we’ve got one (rotten, bug infested) tomato off the vine. Currently, we have eight baby tomatoes hanging out and countless delicate yellow flowers.

Winter Tomato Flowers - Little House. Big Heart.

Winter Tomatoes - Little House. Big Heart.

The straightneck yellow squash that threatened to take over the entire garden back in May is finally making little baby squashes.

Summer Squash - Little House. Big Heart.

And our faithful peppers are going as well as ever. We’re getting more jalapenos, bell, and poblano peppers than we have all season.

Winter Poblano Peppers - Little House. Big Heart.

Winter Jalapeno - Little House. Big Heart.

We’re in a cold snap right now (as in we had a blizzard yesterday morning… or just a light dusting), so we’re being very careful to tuck our babies in each night with some nice, warm blankies.

Winter Garden - Little House. Big Heart.

I had intended to clean out the garden this weekend and winterize it, but since I discovered all these veggies, I decided the clearing out can wait. This has got me very excited for spring planting! Come on, February! Mama needs some baby spinach!

Have you discovered any veggies holding on into the winter? What would you be growing right now, if you could grow anything?