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  1. Brandi Cole says:

    Hello! I just saw your finished laundry nook makeover and it is adorable! My home also has a very small laundry nook just off the kitchen, and I have seen several makeovers for small nooks but I have not seen one that solves the problem of the actual laundry. How do you keep your laundry organized without a place to put it in your nook?

    Thank you!


    • Jessica Beals says:

      Hi Brandi! Thanks for stopping by!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a great system for the laundry itself. Kevin and I both have hampers in our closets for our dirties, then on laundry we simply sort it into piles on the floor. it’s not elegant, but it works (and motivates us to get the laundry done all in one day).

      Sorry I don’t have a better solution!

  2. lesly says:

    I love your website especially your Travel section. The pictures you take are beautiful! What would you recommend for the best travel camera? Should I stick with my big bulky tourist camera, something smaller and portable or just my phone camera? Thanks!

    • Jessica Beals says:

      Thanks, Lesly!

      We use a three pronged approach to travel photos:

      1. Canon 60D DSLR – We always bring along what we call our “big camera” because for us, part of the fun of our trip is taking photos. We have an insert for our day pack that fits the camera and one additional lens (we usually bring a 50mm prime and the 18-135 kit lens that came with our camera). The 60D is slightly water resistant, so if it starts to rain we’re not in big trouble, but we usually only take it out when we’re exploring a city or whatnot. Yes, it marks us as tourists, but, hey, we are tourists.

      2. Pentax Optio – This is a rugged waterproof, crush proof, freeze proof, “Jess proof” camera that we use for hiking, snorkeling, shallow scuba dives, and anything else where a camera might get damaged. The photo quality isn’t nearly as good as our 60D, but it’s small and has a carabiner clip and is perfect for more athletic adventures.

      3. Our iPhones – when we don’t want to have to take along anything extra, we use our phones. We use them especially at places that would normally require a bag check (like a museum, sporting event, etc.) in lieu of bringing our big camera bag so we can go through the (faster) no bag line.

      Hope that helps!

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