[Shower] Curtain Call

Hey guys!  We’re going to start tiling on the bathroom tonight!  I’m so ridiculously, incredibly, little-kid-on-her-birthday excited.  Today is day 42 of the reno, so tiling feels like the light at the end of a way-longer-than-expected tunnel.

Tiling has got me thinking about the finishing touches in the bath.  I know were going to go with crisp white towels (hellllo bleachable linens), but I haven’t decided on a shower curtain yet.  Originally, we had planned on painting the walls a pale grey and going with the navy striped West Elm shower curtain we showed in our mood board.

Little House Big Heart Bathroom Mood Board Gray Navy

Now that we’ve painted the room a velvety navy, I don’t think that shower curtain will work out. I’ve found a few others I like, but can’t decide on which is my favorite.

I’m really in love with this navy Greek key shower curtain from Ballard Designs.  It’s $85 (which is pretty steep for a shower curtain), but I won a $50 gift card to Ballard Designs at haven, bringing my price down to a much more managable $35.  The more I look at this one, the more I think I could DIY it…

Ballard Designs Greek Key Shower Curtain

I also love this ruffly shower curtain from Anthropologie (let’s face it, I love everything from Anthro).  It’s so whimsical and feminine; I think it would contrast with our really geometrical tile and give it a little bit of softness.  They’re out of stock online, but most of their other shower curtain run in the $90 range.

Anthro Scallop Shower Curtain

I also really liked this West Elm Dotted Stripe shower curtain.  The pattern is subtle, but not so subtle you don’t see it.  I really like the texture in this option, too, and at $49 its price point isn’t out of the ballpark.

West Elm Dotted Stripe Shower Curtain

I’m really torn on which of these I like this most… and I haven’t even looked at Target or Home Goods yet. 

Which curtain would you choose? Does $100+ for a shower curtain seem a bit nutty to you, too? Would you check out some local stores before getting one of these?


  1. Jennifer L says:

    Those look great! Our first shower curtain in our house was from Marshall’s, and we just replaced it with one from Target.

    I originally wanted a crisp white curtain to go with my white fixtures. However, it turned out that the shower curtain from Target was whiter than my white marble sink and white high gloss Ikea wall mounted vanity (Godmorgon). It made the sink and vanity look dingy by comparison. So we ended up getting a predominantly light grey with white geometric shapes from Target (in store only, can’t link to it).

    BUT our bathroom is smaller than yours and our shower curtain is pretty much touching the sink, so you definitely would be able to do one of those white ones since they’re across the bathroom for you. Target has some pretty nice looking ones that look similar to the Anthro one you linked to. I’d check out Home Goods too! Our fave one was from Marshall’s and it just got worn out over the years.

  2. Patrice says:

    Navy Greek Key is the best choice. And beware even with bleach it’s very hard to keep white towels white. After a DIY project make the handyman use old towels to clean up!

  3. Jessica Isaacs says:

    Those are nice options!! I think close to $100 is insane for a shower curtain. We got ours at World Market a year ago. I thought paying $30 was high! We still have one bathroom that hasn’t been decorated yet, but I have debated getting a white one and using fabric paint to do what pattern I want on it. They have some nice white ones at World Market, including a waffle weave one! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  4. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says:

    I still have to figure out what I want from Ballard! Also, I don’t know if you saw but we also get a 15% discount for the month of July if we use a special Haven code. That would lower the price down to $23, which could be cheaper than DIYing it!

  5. Anna [Directions Not Included] says:

    I like the Anthro and West Elm versions! That said, I am always pleasantly surprised with what Target has in stock. I personally think $100+ is too much because I end up wanting to replace them after washing them every so often and they start to show some wear.

    • Jessica Beals says:

      I haven’t hit up Target yet; I’ll definitely do that first! And with the Beals’ family zoo running around, they’ll definitely need to be able to stand up to washing!

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