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I’m not a city girl.  I grew up on an Indiana farm in the middle of trees and cornfields so far off the county road you couldn’t even see it.  Growing up, we never locked our front door – there was no need.  I always felt safe and secure tucked back far from “town” (town being a bustling metropolis of less than 1,500 people).

Now that I live in a metro area of almost 7 million people, I feel a little less safe.  Okay, maybe that’s an understatement.  I feel a lot less safe.  We live in a great neighborhood, but even so, we’ve had our cars broken into and bikes stolen out of our garage.  That’s why we opted to get a security system last year.  It was a DIY system (of course) that we installed and set up ourselves, then is monitored by a company we subscribe to (Kevin’s planning on a Handyman Wednesday on it soon).  It works great and has a handy key pad for arming and disarming the system that we keep by the front door.  When we installed it, we set it on our bench with intentions of hanging it above our mail slot the next day.  Fast forward to last weekend.

Little House Big Heart Security System Update

The control panel was still sitting exactly where it had been since we hooked it up.  Since we were trying to finish some smaller projects before starting the bathroom, we got out the drill and some anchors to hang that baby up over our mail slot (Rosie was trying to get her leash out of the box where we keep them).

Little House Big Heart Security System Update 1

We used simple anchors to hang the control panel. You simply drill a pilot hole with the provided drill bit, pinch the anchor, push it into the hole, then put in your screw.  We used these same anchors (in a heavier size) to hang our floating bar shelves and love them.

Little House Big Heart Security System Update 2

I’ve still got to tack the cord in alongside the mail slot, but the control panel is doing great in it’s new home.  An added benefit is that Fievel can’t step on the unit in the middle of the night and set off the alarm (it’s happened).

Little House Big Heart Security System Update After

This little corner isn’t quite finished.  We still want to build a cubby hook shelf thing similar to this one from Target – it’ll just have to wait until after the bathroom.

Target Entryway Cubbie Shelf

Have you tackled any simple projects lately? Any you’ve been putting off (for years, like us)? Don’t you think we should paint the back of our front door navy? Me too!

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  1. Faith@The Stirring Place says:

    right now everything in our house is labeled “to be continued”. if I’ve started something, it’s no where near completed. and if I haven’t started it yet, it’s probably somewhat disheveled. makes for fun living.
    I’m super pumped about Kevin’s upcoming post about the diy security system install. We live in a great neighborhood too (we’re not in Dallas anymore…the burbs lured us back) but still, I grew up in a town of 610 people. yep. and just can’t shake the ‘what-ifs’ about populated living. especially with a kiddo.

  2. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says:

    Looking forward to Kevin’s post on the security system! We’ve been talking about investing in something like that for awhile. Not that my blog is super popular, but I get more and more junk mail addressed to the blog that makes me feel uneasy. I’m fine if Jesse is home, but if he starts traveling again or when we have kids I’d like a system for extra security.

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