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10 Reasons to be Friends with Benefits in Your Marriage | Little House. Big Heart.

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend in the world. Our friendship is at the very heart of our marriage. Really, for us, our friendship is our marriage. We like to think of ourselves as friends with benefits.

I know, I know. That term has a bad rap, but there are so many reasons to be friends with benefits in your marriage. Here are 10 of my favorites:

1.  No waiting to text or call to tell my best friend about the crazy dream I had last night… he’s right there beside me (snoring away).

2.  My best friend gets me. I mean, gets me gets me. He sees me at my best… and at my crazy lady worst (and believe me, that ain’t pretty).

3.  I never have to choose between hanging out with my best friend and hanging my with my husband (it makes date nights AWESOME).

4.  There’s nothing to hide. If I do something stupid with my best friend on a night out (like yelling about french fries at 2am on a street in Belgium) my husband can’t get mad (he was the one there teaching me how to yell french fries in French).

5.  I can hit on my best friend and not get in trouble with my husband. Actually, he encourages it.

6.   I get to have adventures traveling with my husband and my best friend on vacation and only have to buy one plane ticket.

7.  My best friend can remedy the bad days with pizza, nerdy TV, and cuddling on the couch without my husband getting jealous.

8.  I can have… benefits… with my best friend any time I want. My husband enthusiastically encourages this. 😉

9. I get to share life’s biggest moments with both my husband and my best friend without worrying I’m leaving someone out of something big.

10. My best friend will never move away, never find a better friend, or lose touch.  He will be beside me though everything this life may throw at us.


More than almost anything else, our friendship it is what keeps us looking forward to spending the next day together.  When you’re blessed enough to get to spend every single day of your life with your best friend, that life can’t help but be awesome.

Happy Anniversary, KB! Today we’re not just celebrating the day we got married, but our whole marriage!  Here’s to many more nights of frites, just one more episode of Doctor Who, and afternoons spent laying in the grass with the sprinkler on our feet. I love you!

Easter 2014 Little House. Big Heart.

Do you have any other reasons why being friends with benefits in your marriage is the best idea ever?

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  1. Amy says:

    Happy Anniversary! This is so sweet!! You’re 100% right though- my husband and I are best friends too and I think that it’s super important. Our 3 year anniversary is June 25th and we’ve been together for 9 great years- I think we have a really strong relationship because we are best friends.

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