A Little On The Side (Yard)

Lately Kevin and I have been project finishing machines. We’re so anxious to start the bathroom that we’re tying up all the loose ends we have laying around as quickly as we can.

One of the biggest projects on our list was our side utility yard where our air conditioning unit and firewood live. It was starting to get overgrown and muddy, and the gate that closed it off was off its hinges.

Utility Yard Makeover



Utility Side Yard Makeover Crushed Granite 3

We started by clipping all of the shrubs down to their root and digging them up so they wouldn’t grow back again.  The worse was the holly tree (by the AC) that persists on growing back no matter how many time we attempt to dig it up. If you weren’t aware, holly is evil. It’s thorny, prickly, and just plain mean.

Utility Side Yard Makeover Crushed Granite 1

In the spirit of using what we have on hand, we decided to use the leftover crushed granite from our patio project to rock the utility area. We’d inadvertantly bought too much last spring and hadn’t found a use for it yet, so using it solved both our mud issues (much to the dismay of our puppies) and the giant pile of granite in our driveway (making room for our bathroom dumpster!).

Kevin loaded and wheeled the granite over to the side yard while I shoveled and raked it into place.  On a side note, if you’re in the south and have had a pile of crushed granite in your driveway for over a year, beware of fire ants making it into a giant nest.  We didn’t expect it – and we paid for it. I’m still scratching bites on my ankles.  Fireants might just be worse than holly, although it’s a close one.

Utility Side Yard Makeover Crushed Granite 2

It didn’t take much to completely rock the entire utility area and fix the gate to keep the puppies (and any future kiddos) out of the area.  We even built a handy (and cheap!) firewood rack to keep everything dry and off the ground (Kevin will be back for a Handyman Wednesday on how to build it).

Utility Side Yard Makeover Crushed Granite 5We’ve got a few more projects to cross off the list before we can start swinging the ol’ sledgehammer (I’m looking at you, deck bar), but hopefully we can tackle them this week and be ready to start on the bathroom this weekend.



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