Saleing… Yards, That Is

You’ve probably heard me complain about the city of Dallas’ absurd rule requiring homeowners to have a permit for their yard sales… and an expensive permit at that.  The point, so I’m told, is to keep people from having habitual yard sales every Saturday and bringing down the neighborhood (or some such nonsense).  To me, it just seemed to be a way for the city to get an extra $50 from homeowners and it made me mad. Fightin’ mad. So mad, I vowed never to have a yard sale in the city of Dallas. Ever.

And I still haven’t… but as it turns out, the rules have changed. Your first yard sale in a calendar year is free and the second is just $25 for the permit.  So… I’m eating my words.  We’re having a yard sale at the Little House… eventually.  We haven’t decided if we want to squeeze it in before or after the bathroom remodel, but it’s happening. We’ve already started a yard sale pile in the garage and began doing a little market research (aka. yard saleing on a Saturday morning).

Armed with coffee and breakfast tacos, we spent three hours scouring yard sales in the Lakewood and M-Streets neighborhoods in Dallas Saturday morning.  We took $20 and spent every penny of it (along with $2 in quarters I found in the floorboard of my car).

Yardsale Finds

We brought home a genuine Talavera planter for $5 (it says “Hecho en Mexico” on the bottom, so it has to be genuine, right?) to go with all our other Talavera on out back patio. Talavea’s not exactly cheap, but this is the second piece we’ve found at yard sales for $5 or less.  The planter has a chip on its lip, but I think once there’s flowers in it you won’t be able to see it.

Chipped Talevera Pot

We found three coffee table books about London, French chateaux, and French villages, all places we’ve visited on our travels. The jackets were a little worn, but the cloth covers on the inside are great colors. I can’t wait to find a place to use them.  We got all three for $10.

Europe Coffee Table BooksWe also snagged a brand new fondue pot (everyone needs a fondue pot) for $5 and a shabby Scrabble game for $2. I plan to cannibalizing it for some craft project or other in the near future.  All in all, we thought it was a pretty successful day (none of what we bought will likely end up on our own yard sale) and we gained some good insight into what brought people in (signs on the right roads, music, free coffee!).

What did you do this weekend?


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