Partially Ensconced

We’re at T minus not-very-long until we start the bathroom (or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves).  Recent life events have pushed out the start date, reeled it back in, and left it basically in limbo.  Honestly, it has me a little frustrated that it’s so indefinite… I’m ready for a little sledgehammer therapy session.  Instead, I have to be patient and content myself with sourcing our materials (which, to be honest, has to be done first… I just really need that sledgehammer therapy).

Lately I’ve been pondering sconces for our bathroom.  Right now we have one of those $20 cheapie unibrow sconces the previous owner installed. It’s not centered over the sink (seriously, none of the lighting is centered in the Little House) and the more I look at it, the more I’m pretty sure I want to do something different next time around.

Beals Bathroom Before 1

I’m leaning towards two single sconces flanking our new medicine cabinet, like the photo below.  I’m all about symmetry and that part of me likes how balanced it looks with a single sconce on either side.  Also, I might be able to convince the hubs since it’s one light bulb less than our current arrangement… less light bulbs means less electricity used, right?

Pottery Barn Recessed Hotel Medicine Cabinet

I’m loving these sconces from Shades of Light. They’re vintage, but not too much so. And at $62 each, more affordable than I expected.


I also really like this one from Destination Lighting. It’s a little cheaper at $50 and I think I might like the shape more than other. I’m just a little worried about the scale though… it seems to be a lot bigger (and we can’t do bigger in this bathroom… we have to do tiny and compact).


Hopefully we’ll get the ball rolling soon and start swinging the sledgehammer, but in the meantime we still have to decide on tile, purchase it, get sconces, and a ton of other things.  We’ll keep you posted on all the riveting developments.



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