Stooling on Some Changes

Sometimes things don’t work out like you planned (especially if your plans never really get off the ground in the first place).

When Kevin and I remodeled our backyard we had plans of installing a drink ledge along our longest deck railing, as shown in our very high quality plan below.  It was going to make use of some unused space on the deck and give us another conversation area with more seating.

The New Backyard Plan

We even went so far as to buy the stools for the bar and to put them along the railing where the bar would be (in hopes, I think, of motivating ourselves to push through and finish the deck).  That was a year ago.

Metal Stools Overstock

That picture’s not from a year ago. It’s from yesterday. As you can see, the stools are still in place, waiting on the drink ledge that (still) hasn’t appeared.  For what’s it worth though, it’s on the list of projects that MUST be finished before we start the bathroom and we have the materials bought for it. So there’s that.

The stools haven’t taken their one year stint outside very well.  The clear coat on the top has started to break down and rubs off in a white powder that’s hard to get out of clothes.  The color on the top has faded, too, leaving them looking not so hot.  We don’t want to get rid of them since they weren’t exactly cheap and structurally are still in really good shape (there’s no rust, thankfully).


Metal Stool Top Problems

I was really excited then, when I saw these stools at Target the other day.  It was a serious lightbulb moment. I grabbed the stool and ran halfway across the store with it to find Kevin and show him.  He wasn’t quite as excited as me.

Target Threshold Metal Stool Wood TopAdding wood tops to our stools would hide the faded tops, while making them even more awesome than they already are. Win! I mocked it up on one of our stools at home with some cedar we had laying around in the garage last night. I really like the effect.

Wood Top Metal Stool Preview

It’s probably an after the bathroom project, but one we’re definitely adding to our list… so stay tuned.

Have any of your purchases not worked out lately? Have you procrastinated on finishing a project before (maybe not for a year like us)? Do you also get ridiculously excited over Target finds?




  1. Jessica Isaacs says:

    I LOVE those stools at target!! They aren’t cheap! We will be moving within the next 6 months and our new place will have a counter height breakfast area vs the bar height we have now. Thankfully, we haven’t bought stools!

    Where did you find your current stools?

  2. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says:

    I’d love to have room for something like this in our backyard! It’s finally warm here and all I want to do is work on the patio, buuuutttt no money for that right now. Boo!

    Those stools are super cool though! They’ll look good with wood tops!

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