Ft. Worth Weekend

Our weekend was so good that I never got around to working on the blog, so please bear with us as things are still on the move around here!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m blessed with (quite possibly) the best husband ever.  I know, I know.  You have an awesome husband, too (or maybe you ARE the awesome husband in question and kudos to you!), but hear me out.

On Friday, Kevin surprised me with a date weekend in Ft. Worth to see three of the performances of the Ft. Worth Opera. Everything started with shared plates and craft cocktails at one of my favorite restaurants in Ft. Worth, Bird Cafe. Their lavender gin Fitzgerald was incredible (I think I’m going to replicate it soon for a cocktail of the week)!

The Fitzgerald at the Bird Cafe Ft. Worth

Next up for the weekend was Bizet’s “The Pearl Fishers,” a beautiful opera about (who’d have guessed) a love triangle. The costumes were gorgeous and the music was perfect. Luckily they had an English translation projected above the scene (everything was in French!).


We ended Friday night with drinks on Sundance Square.  If you’ve never been to Ft. Worth, you really should go. It’s such a fun downtown!  Isn’t Kev dapper in his blazer?


We got out of our hotel pretty early on Saturday morning and headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was early enough in the morning that all the animals were still up and moving about, so we got to see some of them playing and walking around (instead of sleeping in the warm sunshine like this guy).


After the zoo, we headed to Rahr and Sons Brewery for a tour and tasting of their local craft beers. We are, after all, beer nerds at heart.


A nice dinner later, we headed back to Bass Hall for a perfomrance of Mozart’s “Così Fan Tutte,” a comedy that I absolutely loved (along with it’s 1920s setting).  On Sunday we were home for a big event at our church, but then headed back to Ft. Worth for one last opera called “Silent Night,” a story of the Christmas cease fire during the WWI. It was incredibly beautiful and moving!

We ended our weekend by celebrating May the Fourth in our backyard by watching Star Wars on our new projector and blowup movie screen (just when we thought our backyard couldn’t get any better).


All in all it was an absolutely fantastic weekend and definitely proof that I have the best husband ever… or close to it, anyway.

How were your weekends? Was the weather in your neck of the woods as gorgeous as ours was in North Texas? What do you think of the new header? We’re open to (and hoping for) suggestions!

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