Mirror, Mirror

Do you know that feeling when you put on a jacket you haven’t worn in ages, put your hand in the pocket, and pull out a $20? It’s the best, right?  Kev and I had that happen to us this weekend… except the jacket was a dresser drawer and the $20 was two gift cards.

The first gift card was to Lowe’s and Kevin used it to buy a 20V DeWalt jig saw. Woot.

The second was a $50 gift card was to Pottery Barn… which got the wheels in my head a-turnin’.  I have been coveting this recessed medicine cabinet from Pottery Barn pretty much since we decided to remodel the bathroom. But at $250, it was more of a splurge than I was willing to make, especially when Home Depot has a similar-but-not-recessed version for $109.

Pottery Barn Recessed Hotel Medicine Cabinet (via)

Now I had $50 off that $250.  Things were starting to look more attractive. And then yesterday morning when I got an email from Pottery Barn for 20% off a single item, I knew it was a sign from God (assuming God busies himself with things like Pottery Barn sales and bathroom renovations).

With the $50 gift card and the 20% off, the cabinet was down to $150.  As usual, we checked Gift Card Zen and scored just the right amount of discount gift cards to get us another 8% off, meaning we paid just $138 before tax.  I won’t lie, I did my happy dance when Kevin wasn’t looking.

All in all, we saved $112 on the medicine cabinet. If you combine that with the $186.85 we saved on our console sink, we’ve saved $298.85 so far on our bathroom renovation!

This has inspired us to add a new goal for our bathroom remodel:

Save $1000 on what we were already planning to purchase for the remodel by getting creative with sales, coupons, and discount gift cards.

It’s an ambitious goal since we don’t have too many major purchases left, but I know we can do it. Only $700 more left to save!

How was your Easter weekend?  Have you ever had that found $20 feeling?  Have you gotten creative with sales or coupons lately? Do you think saving $1000 is too ambitious?


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