A Step Back

We’ve had some pretty serious discussions around the Little House this week and have decided to put off actually starting on the bathroom until late May or early June.  It kills us to have to wait that long (I’d be in there with a sledgehammer right now if I could), but we’ve got to be responsible adults (ugh) and do what needs to be done before we do what we want to do.  Here was the reasoning behind our decision.

1. Our parents are visiting this spring.  We figure they won’t want to drive to the gym every time they need to shower and won’t want to share our spare bedroom with construction materials (and even if they’d be okay with it – and they probably would be – we don’t want to inconvenience them like that).

2. We have lot of almost finished projects around the Little House that need to be wrapped up before we start another (even bigger) project. Almost finished projects lurk on our deck, in flower beds that aren’t yet dug, a laundry room shelf that fell off the wall, crushed granite yet to be laid on our side yard, wood yet to be stained on our garden, and thresholds and grout yet to be sealed in the office, not to mention tons of frames to be hung around the house.

Office Progress3. We have to declutter and organize.  There’s no way we should be gutting one room in our home when we (literally) can’t walk through another. What is supposed to be our spare bedroom is right now a disaster zone we call the Room of Requirement.  It’s where everything we don’t know what to do with ends up.  And until everything in here finds its proper home, we can’t start the bathroom (please don’t judge us by this photo… honesty in blogging, y’all).

Room of RequirementWe have a plan laid out to get all this done by the time June rolls around so we can swing that sledgehammer.

Until then, we’ll be sharing our purchases, decisions, and quest to get the Little House in shape.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Rebecca W says:

    We have one of those junk rooms too. Every time I make progress something else gets thrown in. Good luck on getting a good clean up in there (and all your other projects) this Spring! We bought backsplash for our kitchen 6 months ago and have yet to install in. Hopefully longer days and brighter skies will give us the kick in the butt we need.

  2. Staci @ My Friend Staci says:

    Bravo for prioritization!
    Home organization might not be as “sexy” to the blogging world as a bathroom gut, but for day-to-day life it is infinitely more helpful.
    Also, getting “almost there” projects DONE is such an amazing feeling! However… when are any of us really “done” with a room? I’m a habitual adjuster!

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