Sinking Fast

Happy Monday!

Kevin and I spent most of yesterday braving torrential rain and near-arctic temperatures (it was 47 F) to visit five different stores in search of the perfect tile for the bathroom.  We didn’t find the tile, but we found out what the tile is supposed to be: Carrara Bianco marble hexagons.

Carrara Bianco Builder Depot(via)

Carrara bianco has the right mix of gray and white without the creams and tans we were finding in the Hamilton Carrara.  We’ve ordered a couple samples and I can’t wait to get them! Of course, we still have to decide on whether we want 2″ or 3″ hexagons (as of yesterday we’re leaning towards the 3″, but are worried they could be too big for our small bathroom).

Even better than deciding on a type of marble, though, is actually buying the first item for the remodel… our sink (squeal).  It’s exactly what I was hoping for.  I mean, exactly.  It’s perfect. It’s gorgeous.  And did I mention we got it on sale?

American Standard Retrospect(via)

It’s the Retrospect sink and console stand by American Standard.  Most places online have this combo for about $650+, but we managed to score it on sale from Home Depot for $453. (!!!!) How? Here’s the math:

Sink Regular Price: $176
Legs Regular Price: $415
Total Regular Price (with TX tax): $639.75

Sink Sale Price: $140.80 (20% off)
Legs Sale Price: $332.00 (20% off)
$10 off $100 code: -$20 (code: HDSPRINGBF)
Giftcard Granny: -7.6%
Total Sale Price (with TX tax): $452.90

Getting your dream sink: Priceless.

Seriously though, I’m ridiculously excited about this sink. Probably way more excited than a person should be about a sink (if that’s even possible).  At this point, I can’t even imagine the level of excitement when it’s actually installed.  Be still my heart.

And Kevin is my hero for not only finding a $10 off $100 coupon code for Home Depot to save us an extra $20, but for remembering to buy Home Depot gift cards on and save us even more (for the record, we’re not paid to endorse any of these companies, we just like them).  All in all, we saved a grand total of $186.85 on our sink – probably enough to entirely cover the faucet and plumbing.

I call that a win.

Would you go with 2″ or 3″ hexagons in our tiny little bathroom?  What do you think of our new sink?  Have you ever used discount giftcards to make any purchases?


  1. Jenn says:

    Love that sink! Doesn’t it feel good to make a purchase on a pivotal part of a remodel? I felt that way when we found the tile for our mudroom remodel, which is of course on hold until the chicken coop situation in handled.

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