Letting My Inner Nerd Out

After a pretty intense bathroom planning/research sesh last night, the hubs and I realized that we have a lot to learn.  A lot a lot.  So in order to quell the pangs panic creeping down my spine, I decided to revert to something I know more about than drywall and wall tile: math and drawings (a mechanical engineer’s best friends frenemies).

A quick 20 minutes spent in the bathroom with a tape measure, and the hubs and I had a rough sketch of the the dimensions of our little bathroom. Then I used floorplanner.com to sketch out the bathroom with dimensions.  The site’s pretty easy to use and you can create one floor plan for free. We were able to show where all of the bathroom fixtures were located and to label whether or not they’re staying in the bathroom.

Bathroom Corrected

This morning I set up an Excel spreadsheet to calculate our wall and floor areas. We’re going to need about 136 sq. ft. of wall tile and around 34 sq. ft. of floor tile. Of course, we’ll have to get more than that to account for cuts and mistakes (not that we’d ever make mistakes…).  We’re going to hit up some tile shops here in Dallas this weekend to price and hopefully order our tile.

We still have a ton of research and planning to finish before we can swing the first sledge hammer, but getting this step out of the way makes me feel so much better. There’s something about having concrete dimensions that seems to make everything less up in the air.

Have you used floorplanner.com? What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Jenn says:

    Can you come over and help me make floor plans? We’ve got so many projects going on now that I’m on the verge of meltdown and panic attack a lot. Luckily we haven’t started on the bathroom yet, mostly because I can’t make a decision about tile and colors. First we have to build the chicken coop and it’s turning out to be much more complicated than I thought it would be. Mark seems to have it under control but I’m a bit stressed about the extra work/money involved! Oh home renovations. Always an adventure.

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