The Big Bathroom Kickoff

Now that we’re back in the States and (mostly) over our jet-lag, it’s time to officially kick off the next big project around the Little House…

The Bathroom.

Here’s our official befores so we can compare them down the road.

Beals Bathroom Befores LHBH Beals Bathroom Before 1 Beals Bathroom Before 2 We’ve started sourcing our materials and getting quotes on the necessary plumbing changes and tub refinishing, so it’s only a matter of time before we swing that first sledgehammer!

Stay tuned!

Oh, and I just bought my Haven ticket today! Who else is going??


  1. Amanda says:

    What type of walls do you guys have? I would love to see what you end up replacing the green tile with! We are starting to think about our bathroom but don’t want to sledgehammer if we can help it!

    • Jessica Beals says:

      We have really gross textured plaster walls. There’s no way for us to get rid of the tile without also getting rid of the plaster.

      We’re going to go with simple white subway tile in place of the green stuff! It’s going to be classic but still updated (or at least, that’s what we’re going for).

  2. Laura says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to see how it all goes down! We have one more bathroom to redo (the master), so hopefully you guys will inspire me to get going!

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