Linen on a Prayer

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If our little bathroom has one redeeming feature, it’s the linen closet.

Wait, you didn’t know our bathroom had a linen closet? Don’t worry. It’s easy to miss.

LHBH Linen ClosetIt’s on the left right when you walk in the door and is the only real storage in the bathroom. We plan on keeping it around when we demo (you know, keeping that vintage vibe and all that), but we’d like to update it a bit. It’s pretty closed off and not as functional as it could be.

Ideally we’ll create something like this glass-fronted beauty. It’s clean and simple, but still has tons of storage and functionality.

linen closet 3(via)

Of course, I’d settle for something that looks like this (because that’s not unrealistic at all).

Linen Closet 1(via)

In all probabality though, we’ll end up with something like this. Don’t laugh at my sketching abilities, I drew this up on a break at work. The cabinet doors on the top are glass and the middle drawer already exists in our linen closet (it’s where I keep my makeup and hair stuff, so it has to stay).

SketchSince our laundry nook is right outside the bathroom, the two drawers on the bottom would be hampers for dark and light clothes, giving us a place to sort laundry other than on our hall floor.

Another option would be to put horizontal drawers where the hampers are for extra storage, but the more I look at the hamper idea, the more convinced I am that we’ll probalby go that way.

What would your ideal linen closet look like? Do you have issues sketching too? Are you tired of bathroom posts yet?


  1. Rebecca says:

    I didn’tnotice our house didn’t have a linen closet till we moved in. So I’m stuck storing everything under the hall bathroom sinks ( thankfully ours is a roomy double) or in the tall closet in the master bath.

  2. Jenn says:

    Love this! I need a linen closet at all and am hoping to build one in when we redo the bathrooms and the laundry room. Great inspiration as usual!

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