Garnering Some R&R

Kevin and I played hookey on Friday and spent the weekend about an hour west of San Antonio at Garner State Park.

We never claim to be hardcore campers, as is evident by our not so rustic setup… a huge air mattress, our down comforter, feather pillows, and a space heater. Garner 1 LHBHWe had a lovely Camp Valentine’s Day dinner complete with grilled ribeyes and asparagus, gooey smores, and a nice bottle of wine we got on our trip to California.

Garner 2 LHBHSaturday we hiked and hiked and hiked. When we finally collapsed back at our campsite our phones (we were running the Adidas MyCoach app to track our distance) reported we’d hiked over 10 miles with over 1800 feet in elevation change. The views were worth it though.

Garner 4 LHBHGarner 5 LHBHGarner 7 LHBHWe even invented a new camp food while we were there: campfire mozzarella sticks. Just take a string cheese, stick it on a hot dog roaster, wrap it in a crescent roll, toast, and viola!

Garner 3 LHBH We had a great time and are already planning our next camping trip for when we get back from Asia!

What did you do for you Valentine’s Day Weekend? Do you camp? What’s your favorite camping treat?


  1. Melissa @ A Couple of Beans says:

    We live about an hour west of Garner State Park and I thought about going this weekend. We ended up cleaning out the casa (yay!), but I am so glad to hear that the park is worth the drive. We’ll be heading out that way this spring for sure. (:

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