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Let’s start this post off on a high note, shall we?  Here’s our (almost) finsihed laundry nook!

Little House Big Heart Laundry Room Stamping Makeover

Remember last year when we started our laundry makeover and then forgot about it? This weekend we’ve decided to get back in the saddle and finish her up. We loved the shelves and baskets we’d made, but it the walls needed a bit of a pop of color – even with our painted baskets, the space was very, very white.

Little House. Big Heart. Laundry Wall Stamp BeforeI really wanted to stencil the walls, but with their rough texture I was afraid to try it. Then last week I found this wallpaper on Pinterest. Of course, wallpaper won’t work either, but it gave me an idea.

Circle Inspiration(via)

Using a flowerpot as a template, I cut two circles out of felt and two pieces of cardboard, one for a backer and one for a handle, then glued them all together (using super glue… my hot glue gun has grown legs and run off).

Little House Big Heart Laundry DIY Wall StampLittle House Big Heart Laundry Wall Stamp 2I bought a quart of Behr paint in Granite Boulder, a color one shade darker than the Dolphin Fin we have on the wall in the living room and hallway. I had originally planned on drawing out a grid on the wall, but in the end, I simply started stamping.  If you were to do a larger space, you might want to add a few grid lines. Even in our tiny nook of a laundry not everything was dead-on square.

Little House Big Heart Laundry Wall Stamp 4I tried dipping the stamp in paint in an old pie pan, but it worked easier to dab paint on the stamp with a foam brush. Little House Big Heart Laundry Wall Stamp 3It took about an hour to completely cover the wall (down to the level of the washer/dryer).  There were mixed reviews on Instagram on the bare wall when I finished.  Honestly, I loved it – even without the shelf back up.

Little House Big Heart Laundry Wall Stamp 5With the shelf up, I’m head-over-heels in love. By the way, I took the after photos yesterday evening and didn’t notice the horrible lighting until after it was dark dark, so sorry for the poor picture quality.  Can’t wait for DST to end.

Little House Big Heart Laundry Wall Stamp 7The circles aren’t perfect, but I kinda like their imperfection.

Little House Big Heart Laundry Room DIY Wall Stamp 6Fievel is a fan. That’s his “I’m thrilled I match the color scheme” face. It’s also his “It’s about time Mom and Dad put my food bowl back where it belongs” face. (He eats in the laundry nook so the dogs don’t munch his dinner before he can.)

Little House Big Heart Laundry Room Stamping MakeoverAll the laundry nook needs now is a rug and a couple pieces of fun, bright artwork.  I’d love to say that I don’t mind doing laundry anymore with such a pretty backdrop, but I just can’t. No matter how pretty the walls, laundry is still laundry.

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  1. Mimi says:

    I think you should paint the brackets gray where they would be part of a circle to help them blend in. And when you add in some accents, you should totally do them to match the color of Fiv’s collar!

    • Jessica Beals says:

      I had thought about painting the brackets (I was just too lazy to get the paint back out the other day).

      Oh, and Fiev has a schnazzy navy blue argyle collar… it could make some awesome art!

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