Dog Proofing, Take 1

We’ve been working on a garden here at the Little House for three years in our DIYed raised garden bed.

DIY raised gardenThe first year our baby veggies succumbed to the heat and drought. Last year, the tree-pocalypse took down the garden fence, allowing the puppies to get in and dig EVERYTHING up.

We were left with something that looked like this:

Little House Big Heart Garden Repair 1The fence was broken in several places, the old tomato cages were still hanging out, and a years worth of pecan leaves covered everything. The first step was to get rid of the tomato cages and leaves.ย ย The garden looked like the surface of the moon when we’d raked everything up with all the holes the dogs had dug.

Little House Big Heart Garden Repair 2A quick round with the staple gun fixed the chicken wire fence… mostly. Even with its nip and tuck, the fence still sagged here and there.

Little House Big Heart Garden Repair 4In order to provide more of a barrier to the dogs and to help the fence stay nice and tight, we decided to add a top railing to the garden. We used pressure treated 1x6s (leftover from our deck repairs a year ago).

Little House Big Heart Garden Repair 5Last, but not least, we tilled the existing soil and augmented it with 10 bags each of top soil and natural compost.

Little House Big Heart Garden Repair 6We’re all ready to start planing next weekend! It seems so early to start planting, but every North Texas planting guide I’ve found suggests planting things like lettuce, spinach, and onions now.

Oh, and we’ll probably be hanging the gutter gardens soon!


  1. bekah says:

    Im so ready to plant…and our last frost date is usually the end of March. It feels like FOREVER away right now! Im looking forward to more garden posts from your for my green fix!

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous! It’s supposed to hit -15 here in MD tomorrow, and I’m fiending to plant something. Our frost date here is around May 15, but I’m starting the tomatoes next month, come heck or high water or 10 feet of snow.

    I love the addition of the top rail ๐Ÿ™‚

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