Raising the Bar a Little Higher

It’s been years since Kevin and I did anything to our tiny, little dining room. We DIYed a chandelier, converted a changing table to a bar, and called it good enough.

Dining RoomAnd it was good enough… until this Saturday.  During a particularly thorough cleaning fit, we decided we needed somewhere to store the mountain of glassware collecting on top of our refrigerator (besides on top of the refrigerator). So after some noodling, we went to Ikea and got some floating shelves.

Lack Floating Shelf

Our first consideration when hanging the shelves was how to anchor them. The Little House has old plaster walls, so hanging anything on them can be perilous. Hanging a free floating shelf full of glassware could be a recipe for disaster.  We picked up some plaster wall anchors called Pop-Toggles at Home Depot that were super easy to use. You just drilled your pilot hole, pinched the anchor shut, and stuck it in the hole.

Little House Big Heart Plaster Wall Anchor How ToWe hung the Ikea shelves according to the directions included with them (in Ikea-ese). When we were done though, the shelves wouldn’t sit level. Even with nothing on them, they tilted towards the floor (especially the bottom shelf). We took them down, double checked the instructions, put them back up, and tightened the screws extra tight. It didn’t help.

Little House Big Heart Lack Floating Shelf BarI LOVE how they look, but there’s no way I’m going to trust them with all of our favorite glassware. They’re tilted at about a 15 degree level from horizontal and every time you walk through the room you can see the glasses bounce and slide. We bought some small L-brackets at Home Depot in hopes that they would secure the shelves without being obtrusive, but after a lot of thought, we decided they won’t be beefy enough to trust.

For now, we’ve taken everything off the shelves and will probably get some real shelf brackets to hold them up installed this week.

Little House Big Heart Lack Floating Shelf Problems

Has anyone else had problems with the Ikea Lack floating shelves? What did you to to fix them?




  1. Amy says:

    The picture you included with all the stemware looks amazing! I’m sure once you guys divide it out and get it all back up there it will be perfect!

  2. Jenn says:

    I hope the brackets work out because I agree, it looks great with the glassware on those shelves. And I love the bar you guys DIYed! Good luck!

  3. Evie says:

    On totally no authority except gut reaction, I’ll wager that the problem is totally unrelated to how you hung the shelves and instead is due to crooked drilling in the shelves themselves. Not your fault. Also lets you off the hook regarding trying other plaster wall anchors. Just go for the decorative brackets right away. It’ll look great!

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