Vegas, Baby!

Kevin and I jetted off this weekend for a little spontaneous trip to Las Vegas. Kevin, with his usual deal finding acumen, found incredibly cheap flights, so we could hardly afford not to go.

We started Saturday off with a trip to Hoover Dam.

   Hoover Dam LHBH 1 Hoover Dam LHBH 2 Hoover Dam LHBH 3 Hoover Dam LHBH 6 Hoover Dam LHBH 5Only about 15 minutes away from the dam (on the Arizona side) is a great little park on the Colorado river. We brought along our favorite picnic fixin’s and had lunch there (with a few fine feathered friends).

Willow Beach Park  LHBH 1 Willow Beach Park  LHBH 3 Willow Beach Park  LHBH 4

Last night we visited The Neon Museum. If you go to Vegas, you MUST go here (and pay the few dollars extra to go at night). It was incredible!

Neon Museum LHBH 5 Neon Museum LHBH 4 Neon Museum LHBH 3 Neon Museum LHBH 2 Neon Museum LHBH 1

I also took photos of letters in the boneyard and put this together. I absolutely cannot wait to get it printed and framed.


We had a blast in Vegas this weekend, but after almost three weeks of traveling, we’re ready to settle down until our next big trip in March.

Where have you been lately?


  1. Jessica says:

    Looks like a blast! And I love the letters – what a great idea! I’d also be interested to hear if Kevin has any tips on booking travel or just how you plan your trips. I’m a big traveler, so I’m always interested to hear other people’s methods and tips.

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