Send in the Navy

Did I mention I love navy?

Pretty sure I have once or twice or a hundred times. At any rate, I know I mentioned wanting to paint our kitchen a dark velvety blue.

This weekend we picked up a few paint samples at Home Depot: Mariner by Martha Stewart (on the left) and Windsor Haze by Behr (on the right). I apologize for the terrible phone pic, it’s the only one I took of the samples. The colors are mostly right, though.


I’m really feeling the Mariner (on the left) but not loving the Windsor Haze at all. It seems to much like 80’s country blue. I think I’ll probably end up picking up one or two more samples to try before deciding on which I want to go with.

Do you have any favorite navy paint colors?



  1. Your Completely Awesome Sister says:

    I think they look purple….maybe i’m partially color blind… the one of the left is definitely better

  2. Melanie says:

    They look really purple to me! Maybe it’s my monitor. This monitor is always wonky.

    I love navy thought! We are planning on using it in our office & our kitchen island. <3

  3. Christine @ Casa says:

    They look quite purple to me as well. I know Hale Navy (I believe it’s BM) is a popular colour around the blogosphere- maybe try that one?

  4. Jenn says:

    I love navy! I asked to put it in our new mudroom, but with white shelving and planks it looked very Virginia and boyfriend kind of vetoed that. So I’ll live vicariously through you ladies with the navy walls!

  5. Amanda Grant says:

    we used Martha Stewart’s Kerry Blue Terrier in our bedroom and love it, we also get tons of compliments on it too!

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