The Backyard Again

Remember way back this spring when every other post was an update on our backyard?

Yeah, we’re at it again.

We took advantage of the 85 degree temps this weekend to finally  finish painting our deck railing. When last we met, it looked like this: Capture

And it’s looked like that since May, with only one section of railings painted. We couldn’t work on it this summer because the paint we chose couldn’t be used above 90 degrees and we didn’t hit 90 til mid-September. Then it rained.

But this weekend’s glorious temps gave us the perfect opportunity to breakout our paintbrushes and get busy.


It took about four hours with Kevin on the roller and me doing the trim work to finish the railings, but I think the effect is gorgeous. All we need to do now is to build in the bar and the deck will be finished.

If we keep knocking little things off here and there maybe we’ll have the backyard 100% finished by next spring (which would be the 2-year mark for the project… yikes).

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Jenn says:

    Love it! Looks great! And seriously? 85? It hit a high of about 55 the last few days and it felt hot. We saw someone painting their house the other day and we’re making bets on when they’ll have to repaint since it was below freezing and boyfriend gave me a science lecture on how paint really doesn’t work that well when it’s freezing and had been a bit humid (by Montana standards). Come Sunday, we’re in for another wave of arctic temps and I’m thinking they might stick around this time. Can I come south for the winter?

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