A Little Something-Something

So I don’t have the big laundry reveal for you guys today. This week was just too crazy and I didn’t get a single thing done on the project.

Well, that’s a lie. I’ve thought about it. And I think the nook needs some paint. Or stenciling Or something. There’s just too much white going on.


Because the wall is very textured, I don’t think a stencil would work (otherwise I’d probably already be stenciling).

I think I could free hand large stripes in either navy or the same Dolphin Fin gray we have in the rest of the house. We’re planning on adding some under-cabinet lighting, I think we could go dark. Maybe the same navy I’m putting in the kitchen (more on that soon)?

Stripes (source)

I also love the idea of applying fabric to the wall using starch. I think this would go over and with the texture, and would be completely temporary, allowing us to change it out if we needed. My only concern here is if heat/humidity of a laundry nook might cause the starch to give (although to be fair our laundry nook doesn’t really get too hot or humid… it’s a nook after all).


I think I may give the fabric a go… if the hubs will remove the shelf brackets we already installed and move out the washer and dryer.

Do you have any suggestions for sprucing up a very textured wall?


  1. Jenn says:

    I thought popcorn ceilings were bad. I’d be losing it if I had textured walls…minus all the wallpaper and paneling I’m already battling.

    I never would have thought of fabric but it seems like a nifty idea and I’ll be super curious to see how it turns out if you try it!

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