Christmas Preppers

Sitting on the couch (like a bum) last night, I saw no less than five Christmas commercials in the span of one hour-long show (Chopped!). It’s not even Halloween yet! It’s way too early to start thinking about lay-away and Christmas dinner and gingerbread scented Glade Plug-ins.

Or is it?

The Christmas aisle at Target must have gone to my head because (completely against my will and totally because I’ve been brainwashed) I’ve started prepping for the holidays.

I’ve already started sewing my nieces’ Christmas gifts. I’m making them a ton of felt food that I’m going to put in a little shopping cart.  Will they appreciate the hours spent on the couch ripping out stitches and wrestling embroidery floss away from the cat? Probably not. Will I still score cool aunt points? I hope so.

Felt Food(Source)

I’ve designed our Christmas cards – and they’d be finished if Vistaprint would get on the ball and have a sale on their oversized postcards. C’mon Vistaprint. I’m waiting.

And yes, that’s Fievel the cat, six feet up last year’s Christmas tree. Sometimes I think there’s no way children will be nearly as destructive as our pets. Of course, whenever I mention this someone always pats me on the arm and says something like “Oh, honey, bless your heart. You just wait.” But really, they don’t know our pets.

Postcard Rev. 1

Postcard back Rev 2

Not only do we have our nieces’ gifts started and Christmas cards well on their way, but we’ve had our moms’ Christmas gifts in our closet for months (they read this so I can’t tell you what it is… hi Mommas!), but it’s pretty awesome – at least I think so. Hopefully they will, too.

Oh, and we’ve had our holiday plane tickets to Florida and Indiana bought since August.

I’m telling you guys, the advertising is going to my head. I’ve become an early Christmas Prepper.

Have you started prepping for the holidays? Isn’t it crazy how early holiday stuff comes out? Who’s dressing up for Halloween tomorrow?


  1. Amanda says:

    I’m right there with you. Due to family, we’ll call them “issues”, I have to start planning for the holidays about 6 months ahead of time. Ours in more coordinating schedules than anything else! I also love the felt food! So cute!

  2. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno says:

    That felt fruit is adorable, and I’m so jealous that you are on the ball! I want to get my booty in gear and cross a bunch of things off my to-do list way before the holiday itself rolls around. Thanks for the motivation! :)

  3. Amy says:

    I look for Christmas presents year-round too. If someone mentions something, I usually make a note of it and if they don’t buy it for themselves in a moderate amount of time, I hunt it down, usually on Amazon. Despite that, I still usually end up scrambling for a couple last minute presents every year. Not fun.

  4. Kristen says:

    We totally bought a fake Christmas tree this weekend… though it was sort of against my will because every store is basically throwing Christmas in my face. I think we’re going to hold off until after Thanksgiving to start buying gifts so I have time to think about things.

    I definitely need to get started on Christmas cards!

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