A Laundry List

There are so many things I love about The Little House. Its arched doors, gorgeous fireplace, and beautiful hardwoods keep me drooling two and a half years after we signed the dotted line. There are a few things, though, I’d change. One of the first I’d tackle is the laundry room.

Laundry Before

Actually, the LH doesn’t really have a laundry room, per se. It has a laundry closet – an open to the hall, teeny, dark laundry closet that was, until this weekend, trimmed in half painted 1x2s. PS. This corner of our hall is pretty dark and only lit by a single boob light, so please ignore the quality of the photos!

Laundry Trim Before

With a rainy, empty Saturday before us, Kevin and I grabbed our crowbars and went to town on the offending trim… if you can even call it trim.

Laundry - Removing Trim

There was a pretty big improvement just by removing the old trim.

Laundry - Old Trim Removed

A quick trip to Home Depot got us some new trim that was the closest to the Little House’s existing (gorgeous) trims as we could find.

Laundry - Measure Trim





Laundry - Trimming the Trim

I held the trim level while Kevin nailed it in place using our pancake air compressor and finish nailer.

Laundry - Hanging Trim

The new trim makes a huge difference.

Laundry - New Trim Installed

There’s still a lot to do to call this upgrade finished, but our goal is to spend less than $200 on the whole schebang.

– remove old trim
– add new trim
– putty nail holes/corners
– sand and paint new trim
– touch up wall paint
– add new shelving
– organize laundry supplies
– add artwork

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken us two and a half years to get to this upgrade. It took us less than two hours to remove the old trim and put up the new!


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