Almost There

Our office renovation is almost at an end. All we’ve left to do is hang some art and our diplomas (which reminds me that I need to order my diploma frame) to call it 100% done.

We laid down our new rug last week and in spite of the kitty troubles we’re having with it, we love how it makes the space cozy and pulled together. All in all, I think that the little room has come a long way, from a long, confused space to a functional mudroom/office.

Office Before

Office Renovation 2013

Kev and I are each loving our desks. Kev has a computer monitor on his since he does homework here pretty often.

Kevin's deskMy desk isn’t used as much as it should be (I really need to start writing my posts ahead of time), but I’m hoping that I’ll want to spend more time here since it’s looking so snazzy.

Jess' Desk


What do you think? Could you work in this office? Any suggestions on art?



  1. Laura at Rather Square says:

    Amazing progress! I could definitely work in that office. We are still putting our office space together (in what was our house’s original dining room) and I’m getting a little weary of laptop-ing on the couch in the living room. It would be so nice to have a dedicated space like yours. Nice!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love!! My first thought was “I could lay on that floor and look at the pretty tile”… but that’s slightly weird, so to answer your question, yes I could work in there!

  3. Ainhoa says:

    You’ve done so much! My favorite feature is still the ceiling, so smart to cover it up with beadboard, it looks great. If I had popcorn ceilings I’d do that instead of scraping everything off (since I know how much of a pain scraping walls/ceilings can be, lol).

  4. Jenn says:

    Looks amazing! Congrats on a job well done! It definitely looks like a nice quiet and organized area to focus on work! We’re working on our office now and I’m typing at the desk for the first time and I’ve accomplished an awful lot in the last hour or so, compared to how distracted I’d get working on the couch, the floor or while watching tv.

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  6. Todd Roth says:

    The office looks great! My wife and I are looking at the same tile from lowes but are worried about the specks or sparkles being annoying to look at in our kitchen everyday where there won’t be much rug coverage. Have you noticed anything with when the light hits it that looks like a sparkle? Thanks!

    • Jessica Beals says:


      We haven’t really noticed any glare or sparkle from the tile. To be fair though, that room doesn’t get much direct sunlight and we do have a large rug down. We’re honestly in love with how the floor turned out, though. SO much better than nasty dog-carpet!

      Best of luck with your renovation!

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