Photo-A-Day: Week 2

This week was much tougher (see week 1 here).  A couple of times I forgot to bring along my “big camera” and had to take iPhone pictures (although it can’t hurt to get better at that either), but I’m really enjoying taking a few minutes each day for myself (and my camera).

Here’s what I came up with this week.

Friday, October 4Wren House at the Park


Saturday, October 5Farris Wheel


Sunday, October 6Indiana Beals

Monday, October 7Jeminy Cricket

Tuesday, October 8  Whats All the Buzz About

Wednesday, October 9

Dog Park Visit

Thursday, October 10

Compressor Fan Cooler

Now it’s your turn! What did you come up with? I can’t wait to see!

Share your best photo (or all of them)! Don’t be shy; we’re all learning!


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