A Little Jarring

Even though we’ve been spending most of our free time working on the office reno of late, we have taken a few minutes here and there to keep sprucing up the rest of the Little House.

Our latest upgrade was a simple one: new kitchen canisters. We liked our old ones, but they didn’t seal, leaving our flour and sugarĀ susceptible to moisture and critters.

Old Canisters

On our most recent Ikea trip (which Kevin talked about on Friday), we picked up these simple glass canisters (that seal)!

New Canisters KitchenI really love how clean and simple they are. Their lids oxidized a bit in the dishwasher, so I’m thinking of spray painting those navy (because, as Kevin points out, I want to spray paint everything navy).

The tall jars were $3.99 and the short ones were only $2.99, making the whole upgrade only $14.

New Canisters

I’ve also decided to paint something else navy – the whole kitchen. Maybe. I’m toying with painting the whole room something like Behr “Mood Indigo” the below.

Kitchen Paint Colors

Have you made any inexpensive upgrades lately? Would you paint your kitchen navy?


  1. Amanda says:

    They look great! Isn’t it funny how sometimes the little things make such a big difference! And we just added kitchen curtains (thanks to your post a few months back!).

  2. Ainhoa says:

    Oooh I’d love to see you paint the kitchen that color, it’s gorgeous! Too bad the old canisters didn’t work for you guys, I love them. I’m actually looking for something similar but in a squareish shape to hold our utensils (ours broke a couple of weeks before we traveled).

    • Jessica Beals says:

      I’m really leaning towards just going for it! After all, it would be easy to repaint if we don’t like the color.

      We loved the look of these canisters but our sugar was always a giant clump because they didn’t seal.

  3. Kristen says:

    I love using glass canisters (so much prettier than bags). We got two for wedding presents and the rest we picked up from Target. I only wish we had more counter space so they could sit out in all their loveliness!

    • Jessica Beals says:

      We’re blessed with counterspace, but I hate when it starts to look too cluttered. I think these glass ones don’t take up as much space visually, so I love them all the more!

      And I love those Target glass canisters; I have our laundry detergent in one and love it!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Mood indigo looks gorgeous! I wish I had better lighting in my kitchen so I could go with a darker tone. There’s only one window, and no backsplash, so when we redo the kitchen, I’m not only blowing out a wall so I get the light from the adjacent room, but I’m painting it a lighter neutral gray so any food photography I may take is easier to light.

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