Thursday Dilemma: (Friday Edition): Ikea Shoe Cabinet

OK.  Let me start this post by saying how much we at LHBH love IKEA.  You can find some really fashionable furniture/accessories/plants there for affordable prices.  Who doesn’t love a good deal, right?


Now let me tell you why we don’t like IKEA.  Everytime we go we spend money.  We find things we didn’t know we needed.  Thank you IKEA marketers, great job!

On our last trip, we found something that could make our office more functional, but we resisted on buying it before we got your opinion.

We need some form of storage in our office.  We have those cubicles, but Kevin comes in through the back door with muddy shoes, coats, work bags, etc. and he has nowhere to put them.  We could use a cubicle, but it may look cluttered.  That’s when we came across this bad boy (here’s the IKEA link).


We were envisioning it on the right side of this picture…Office Progress

Behind where the plant is now (another Ikea buy I might add).



The downside is the price.  At $129,  we would do a lot with this room.  The entire floor cost less than $1000.



We also found this one on the website for $99:



So, what are your thoughts?  Were we crazy not to buy it?  Should we stick with what we have?  Is anyone else really really happy it’s Friday?


  1. Hillary says:

    TOTALLY worth the money. I have a very narrow entry way and couldn’t find any furniture piece that was shallow enough (depth wise) without getting in the way of the front door. This piece works perfectly in the space and a huge extra bonus that it stores all of my husband’s shoes (since we also have very limited master closet space – 1920s bungalows were not about storage). We’ve had it for six months now…works like a charm. We have the four compartment model for $99 but I really wish it also had a drawer at the top like the $129 model, would be nice for storing odds and ends. Warning – this is one of those IKEA products that comes with 123873 pieces…be well rested and have a full stomach before attempting to put together to avoid any marital blow ups. :)

    • Kevin Beals says:

      We love the 1,000,000+ piece IKEA setups. We try to throw away the directions and see how good we are. Invariably, we have to dig them out to figure out why so many pieces are left over.

  2. Kristen says:

    First off, I love Hillary’s advice about avoiding marital blow ups (Joe and I always joke that IKEA can either make or break a relationship).

    I’ve always liked this piece – or any piece of the Hemnes line. My vote is for you to go for it. I’ll live vicariously through you two until Joe and I can find a place to put it :)

  3. Ainhoa says:

    I LOVE that shoe cabinet. I’ve been trying to find a place for it in our home but no luck. If your Ikea is nearby, you can always pop in from time to time to check if there’s one in the as-is section :)

  4. Rebecca says:

    We Used The Ikea Recycling Bins At Our Old House For Shoes. They Fold Out Just Like That And Based On Your Pictures, Appear Bigger. They Aren’t AS Nice Though But Definitely Cheaper. Might Be Something You Could DIY A Frame Around To Spruce Then Up.

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  6. Kelly @ Corner of Main says:

    We had the cheap plastic version at our condo and I loved it so much. I really miss having the bins and they really hold a lot. You just might have to buy it!! Or do they still have the plastic ones? Ours were white and they hid behind a door so you hardly noticed them. I think they come in sets of 3?

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