Back of the Envelope

We’re slowly but surely checking items off our Office to-do list. The latest project? A pillow for our office chair made from the fabric I mentioned last week.

DIY Envelope Back Pillow

The cover looks a little big on the pillow right now, but I sewed it that way on purpose. I’ve learned the hard way that cotton fabric shrinks quite a bit the first time you wash it, so if you sew your pillow cover to fit the pillow form to start with it’ll be more than a little snug after it’s first washing.

DIY Envelope Back Pillow

And this pillow will need washing. Fievel’s already decided it makes a great sleeping spot and the first time the pups come inside on a rainy day I’m sure it’ll get splattered along with the rest of the room… but that’s okay! Like most pillows I make these days, this one has an envelope back. That means getting it off and throwing it in the wash is a cinch.

DIY Envelope Back Pillow

The office list is dwindling. Once we finish it, it’s back outside to finish the last of our backyard reno.

– Empty room
– Relocate Ceiling Light Fixture
– Wallpaper Ceiling (yes, wallpaper!)
– Remove carpet
– Repair damaged subfloor
– Lay tile
– Grout
– Touch up paint (half done… the trim still needs filling and a fresh coat of paint)
– Move everything back in room
– Accessorize Desks/Bookcases
– Make Pillows
– Hang Art
– Spraypaint and hang Ikea Pinboards
– Get Rug (ordered and supposed to ship today)

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Jenn says:

    We might be making our own cushions and pillows in the very near future, I just might have to make some like this! Of course, this is all assuming my dog won’t just shred them.

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