Cutting A Rug

The office is coming together so fast.

Office Progress

We’re getting really close to being able to call it our first 100% done room in the Little House.

Empty room
– Relocate Ceiling Light Fixture
– Wallpaper Ceiling (yes, wallpaper!)
– Remove carpet
– Repair damaged subfloor
– Lay tile
– Grout
– Touch up paint (half done… the trim still needs filling and a fresh coat of paint)
– Move everything back in room
– Accessorize Desks/Bookcases
– Make Pillows
– Hang Art
– Spraypaint and hang Ikea Pinboards
– Get Rug

The pillow fabric and forms should arrive today, so I can get sewing on them this week.

Part of the art in our office is going to be (finally) hanging our college diplomas. Kevin has a nice frame from our school with a crest and seal and whatnot, so we’re going to order me the same one.  I’m still working on art for over the chair, but hopefully we’ll come up with something soon.

That leaves the rug. Orignally, I’d planned on going with a navy rug, but after seeing how dark the desks and floor are, we decided to go with a lighter rug that plays off the colors in the lamps we bought from Homegoods a few weeks back.

Rugs USA Moderno Trellis Outdoor Rug

It’s the Quinta Moderno Trellis Rug from RugsUSA. We had a really good experience buying our last rug from there, so we decided to try them again for this rug.

We decided to go with an outdoor rug in this space because it sees so much traffic. We thought that it would be a little more durable and much easier to clean (as in we’ll just take it out back and hose it down), a big concern since it is a lighter rug.

We wavered back and forth on the size, but in the end decided on a 6×9. It’s a little wider than we wanted (it’ll go a bit under the desks), but the room needed the extra length. I even threw together a sketch (on engineering paper, no less) yesterday so Kevin could visualize what I was saying.

Rug Sketch

The room is 16×8, so it’s long and lean. I think the 5×8 rug just looks too short.

It should be here in about a week and a half. I can’t wait to have this room done!

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