A Faucet of our Imagination

Hey guys! Kevin here for a belated Handyman Wednesday.

So Jess and I made a mistake.

When we bought the Little House, we cheaped out and bought the most inexpensive (clearance) gooseneck faucet Home Depot carried.

Old Glacier Bay FaucetSometimes we can get by being cheap. This time it bit us in the patukus. Cheap faucets are made with cheap parts. This faucet in particular was made with cheap o-rings which broke down over time and clogged the sprayer head, leaving us with a mere trickle of water. It would take us several minutes to fill a sauce pan, ten minutes or more to fill our stock pot.

After a year of complaining, we finally  found a new faucet we liked last week. Both Home Depot and Lowes carried it, but because Lowes had a $25 of $250 coupon code, we decided to order it from there.


Before we pulled the trigger though, I broke out one of my biggest deal hunting secrets: the Granny… Giftcardgranny.com, to be exact.

Before Jess and I make any big purchases, we always check this site to see if the store we’re buying from has any discount giftcards. In this case, we were able to buy a Lowes giftcard for 8.5% off… basically a free coupon!

So between the retailmenot.com coupon code for $25 off $250 and the discount giftcard, we saved $47 and scored free shipping to our door.

We installed it Wednesday night and absolutely love it.

New Delta FaucetIt has so much water pressure Jess sprayed herself about 10 times last night while doing dishes. I tried not to laugh.

Have you guys made any dumb purchases for your house lately? Does your spouse have difficulty controlling the sprayer on your sink?


  1. Erin says:

    There is also Ebates, where you earn cash back for online purchases you are already making! Right now Lowe’s earns your 3%, but occasionally sites may double their cash back percentage or have events that increases the percentage for a limited time.

    If you don’t have an account, I can give you a referral (not necessary, but I would earn a little bit extra next quarter!).

  2. Jenn says:

    We just bought this house and are getting into the mega renovation and upgrade stage. Pretty much all of the appliances and fixtures are going to go in the nearish future–budget permitting–and this is excellent advice. I’m all about the Granny since we have so much to do!

    Love the new faucet guys!

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