The Little Garden: 2013

Last year, we had big plans for the Little Garden. We planted tons of seeds and baby veggies.

Garden Map

By May, the LG was looking lush and gorgeous.


Then we went on a week-long vacation. And the hailstorm hit. And the temps hit 100+. The Little Garden didn’t stand a chance.

Middle Veggies

This year, we’ve armed ourselves with a sprinkler system and shade cloth and are ready to try the great garden experiment again. We’ve eliminated some of the veggies we planted last year, giving more space to the things that grew well.

Garden Map

We took advantage of this weekend’s gorgeous weather to get everything planted.

Baby veggies

Jess Planting

Now we just have to wait and hope for rain and sunshine!

Want to know more about our Little Garden? Read how we built it here, what we planted here, and see the monthly updates here, here, here, and here.

Have you started your garden this year? What are you planting? What difficulties does your garden face?


  1. Christine @ Casa-de-Christine says:

    I have decided to team up with my mom and brother to do a veggie garden this year at my mom’s. We are just at the planning stage though since it’s still too early here to plant things. Hope the garden does better this year for you!

  2. Carrie says:

    I wish we didn’t live in an apartment.. Then we could actually have a garden to plant in. :( We will buy a house soon, then we can finally do things like that!

    Very nice by the way! 😀

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      Thanks, Carrie!

      Have you thought about a container garden? There are some varieties of tomatoes that do really well in pots (cherry tomatoes especially) and peppers do pretty well in containers as well! Heck, add a little cilantro and you have all the makings for a container salsa garden!

  3. Kelly @ Corner of Main says:

    This year is the year! I’m sure the sprinklers are going to be a huge help! We would really like to have a garden, but we have so many wild animals in our back yard I don’t know what would happen. It’s worth a shot though!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I like your layout for plants this year, and I think it’s going to thrive in the space you have for it. I was thinking too that since you are gardening, it goes along well with your food posts. A great space to cross-link your posts.

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