2 Years and a Goodbye

Two years ago today Kevin and I got the keys to the Little House.


But today, we’re putting her on the market. That’s right, the Little House is for sale.

for sale

We’re just plain tired of DIY.

Wendy the Pipe Wrench

We’re tired of gardening.


We’re tired of powerwashing.


We’re tired of jackhammering.

Meet Jack

We’re tired of painting.

kev painting

We’re tired of the Little House. So we’re selling it.

april fools

Who are we kidding? We love DIY and we are absolutely, positively, head-over-heels in love with the Little House! It’s been two years since we got the keys and we wouldn’t trade a single day (except maybe the one where the AC went out or the one where the bathtub backed up, or the one with the hail storm)!

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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