So here’s the thing.

There’s not been much going on at the Little House lately. After the flurry of getting everything ready for our St. Pat’s day boil, we’ve been completely unproductive for  two weeks (at least where the house is concerned).

I have almost finished our 2012 Beals Family Yearbook on myPublisher and am working on a new blog design (I’m so excited to share it with you), but I’ve been working on those while parked on my backside watching How I Met Your Mother and The Bible on History Channel.

Since we don’t have any projects to share today, I thought I’d get on the Throw Back Thursday bandwagon and share a few pictures of Kevin and me from way back when. Enjoy!

Copy of florida1

Our first New Year’s Eve together – We’d been dating all of two months!


Universal Studios, Orlando – Modeling T-Rex heads

Florida BW

My junior year spring break – His guys trip and my girls trip collided for one day on Fort Myer’s Beach

Doing the Chicken Dance at Hofbrauhaus, Newport

Doing the Chicken Dance at Hofbrauhaus, Newport


Kevin’s College Graduation (I’m so glad he shaved that goatee!)

My College graduation (sans goatee)

My College graduation (sans goatee)

Halloween as Wilson and Heidi the Tool Girl

Halloween as Wilson and Heidi the Tool Girl

Hope you have a great TBT and an awesome holiday weekend!


    • littlehousebigheart says:

      Kevin kept his until his first day of his current job. Since he’s a sales/marketing engineer and has to interface with customers, he needed to be clean shaven (so luckily I didn’t have to put up a stink to get him to shave it)!

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