Boiling Over

Have you ever had one of those perfect weekends where weather, friends, and good times all came together just right? One where halfway through Tuesday morning you’re still thinking about what a great time you had?

Yeah. This was one of those weekends.

It started out with Kevin and I running our first 5K ever (The St. Patrick’s Day Dash Down Greenville) with my parents (who drove down from Indiana for the occasion).

Our First 5K!

Not only did we run it, but we both finished! Kevin and my dad finished in around 35 minutes. My mom and I were a bit slower, coming in at just under 45 minutes (my goal). It was a (very) slow jog, but I managed to run the entire three miles without stopping!


After the 5K, we met up with a couple of friends and watched the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We even dressed up the pooches!

Indy in a TutuΒ  Rosie in a Tutu


After the parade we wandered back to the Little House just as people were starting to arrive. We had about twenty people come to the boil and still ended up with tons of leftovers! Besides the crawfish, potatoes and corn, we had Kevin’s jambalaya, my mom’s lamb stew and bread pudding, Guinness and Bailey’s cupcakes, and fondue!

guinness and baileys cupcakes

Guinness Irish Stew

jameson bread pudding

Craw and Corn

Β Crawfish

Lots of Crawfish

We finished the night up with a fire in our new fire pit and a couple rounds of Kings, a favorite card game from college.


Our boil was a huge success!Β  We’re so happy to have such a great backyard entertaining space that we can share with our friends and family! Thanks so much for your encouragement as we were getting everything ready!

How was your holiday weekend? Did you do anything special on St. Pat’s?


  1. Mom says:

    Okay…first, l really like Jennifer from the last comment……and we had an amazing, awesome, wonderful weekend…..and the weather was just a bonus!!!! Best part was being able to get my hug on with Jessie and Kevin, since we don’t get to see them even half as much as we would like!!!! And who knew that crawfish were sooooo tasty!!!!l
    Loves ya both!!!

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      We’re so glad you guys got to come down! We had so much fun at fondue and the race and the boil and the zoo and sushi and Oz… it was a great weekend!

      And I’m so glad you liked the crawfish!

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