Raise the Roof

Today’s a big day for the Little House; it’s getting a new roof!


After a huge hailstorm last June, we’re finally getting our (insurance-paid-for) new roof! We wanted to wait so that a) prices would go down, b) the roofers wouldn’t be as hurried (since most homes in the neighborhood also got new roofs), and c) it wouldn’t be 110 F on the roof for the poor roofers! With roofing prices about 10% lower and a high of 65F today, now’s the perfect time to get a roof put on in Texas.

Felt paper and Ridge vent

New roof ladder

New roof

Shingle Removal

We’re going back with the same color and style of shingle on the roof (why mess with a good thing, right?), but we are adding a few thing to help make the Little House a little more efficient.

The biggest addition is a ridge vent. These vents are installed on the very peak (or ridge) of your house and allow for additional airflow through your attic (which is very important). Our ridge vent will run the entire length of the Little House and will help to keep the attic a little cooler during our hot Dallas summers.


We’re also having a bathroom vent installed for our upcoming big bathroom remodel. Rather than wait until we actually start the project and have the roofers come back out to cut a hole and install the vent then, we’re getting it all done at once. For now it will just hang out in the attic, then when we actually start the bathroom we’ll connect it up and (finally) have a vent fan in our bathroom!

new bathroom vent

This afternoon we’ll post a picture of the Little House with it’s happy new roof. Until then, have a great Friday! [NOTE: Here you go! The Little House’s new hat!]

little house big heart finished roof


Have you ever had a new roof put on your house? Can you believe they get it all done in one day? Does your house have a ridge vent?


  1. Ainhoa says:

    That’s exciting!! I had never heard of ridge vents. Then again we don’t even have air conditioning here. I’m jealous of your 65ºF though. Seriously, (and I know I’ve complained about this a lot lately, but) the weather has been TERRIBLE here!!

  2. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno says:

    Yayyyy for a new roof!! We got a new roof put on when we were doing all the renovations on our house because it reallyyyy needed it. We had them install a ridge vent and soffit vents that weren’t there before. I’m so glad we did it, and did it the right way.

  3. Kelly @ Corner of Main says:

    Yippee! We just replaced our roof also. It was in between bad weather, so I think it took them 3 days…plus we have two different types-flat and regular shingles. I was definitely glad when that was crossed off the list!

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