The Macklemore Thift Shop Challenge

It’s Friday and time to reveal what Kevin and I managed to scrounge up on our thrifting trip for Young House Love’s (unofficial) Mackelmore Thrift Shop Challenge!


We visited some of Dallas’ most, um, transitional neighborhoods in search of the perfect thrift shop with a twenty dollar bill two tens in our pocket. This store, Rescue, benefits the Texas Regional Animal Shelter (so we were feeding our thrifting habit AND saving rescue dogs… a win-win, no?).

Twenty Dollar in my pocket

This thrift store was a veritable goldmine! They had everything. Mummies. Talevera sinks. Turquoise cowboy boots. Big Bird LPs. You name it, Rescue had it.


talevera sink

Big Bird LP

turquoise cowboy boots

We found some moccasins (just like the song says) at the thrift store, but there was no way I was trying them on, let alone taking them home with us!

stanky slippers

In the end, we scored two amazing finds. First, Kevin found an awesome vintage suitcase for $4.94. It couldn’t have been there long because it didn’t even have that classic thrift store funk going on.

suitcase vintage


I found some gorgeous mercury tea lights to use as the centerpiece for our new outside eating area… when we get it finished. My find was $6.94.

mercury tea light

They look even better with tea lights in them.

mercury tea lights

From the side you can faintly see through them and they give off a soft, colorful glow.

mercury lights

We spent a total of about $12 on the Mackelmore Challenge and had a complete blast! I can’t wait to go thrifting again!

What did you find for the Mackelmore challenge? Did you use the full $20?

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