Thursday Dilemma: Wednesday Edition

I’m in a quandary.

Last night I painted the large canvas we’d bought for the bedroom.

I mixed up some beautiful dark navy, coral, turquoise, and yellowy orange and went to town.

I’m just not sure I like it.

In real life, what looks magenta reads coral and the orange is much more yellow.

I’m also not sure it will play well with the other art I created for the room (they’ll be on opposite walls).


What do you think? Can these two place nicely together?


  1. Erin says:

    I’m sure you realize this, but the colors are reading navy and hot pink, which I didn’t realize is an AWESOME combo until seeing this painting! I love the painting, but it’s hard to judge if it would work in the room. Maybe you have another wall waiting for art…???

  2. Kristen says:

    I really like this painting! If you’re nervous about it matching, maybe frame it in a coral frame or paint the edges of the canvas coral if you’re not going to frame it 🙂

  3. countrymousetales says:

    The white part reminds me of funfetti icing (which I love – thats not intended as an insult!!). I think it is one of those things you should live with for a while and see how it plays out in the room to you!

  4. Christine @ Casa-de-Christine says:

    I would live with it awhile and see. I think it might need a bit more grounding (ie- expand the bottom dark portion a bit) but it’s hard to say. Abstracts are always hard that way!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I do think it’s really pretty and would go with the coral you painted. Maybe you could leave it propped on the dresser for a while and see how you feel in a week 🙂

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      I think I’m going to try that. I also thought of layering some other, less abstract prints/photos to see if that makes it fit any better.

      I may just take a can of Rust-Oleum to it and call it a day though. Haha.

  6. Ave-New says:

    I’m totally seeing the aurora borealis in the night sky. Not as beachy as the coral but what a fun thing to think about as you drift off to sleep =)

    I REALLY like Kristen’s suggestion to paint the canvas edges coral or frame it. I can see it now: a classical frame + high laquered coral frame = awesomeness.

    A 360 might be to add some regimentation to it since it’s so ethereal. Maybe short streaks of coral or seafoam in the white space? The best part about painting is that if you don’t like something, you just paint over it! Goodluck!!!

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      Well I really don’t want it to be “beachy” and I’m afraid it’s going too far towards that direction. I just wanted it to have a coastal feel… the airy, relaxed, Southern vibe of a beach house without the kitsch of seashells and sailboats everywhere.

    • littlehousebigheart says:

      I’m thinking it may all be a little much for me. It may end up getting spray painted and started over.

      The colors are really coral and turquoise, but I didn’t custom white balance when I went into the bedroom to take the shot (like I should have), so it really looks pink.

  7. Brandi @ The Pink Polka Dot Blog says:

    Personally, I love it! I like how it’s dark at the bottom and not even and then more colorful and watercolor-y at the top. I can’t really judge whether or not it will go with the other paintings though.

    And this might seem like a silly question, but, have you tried turning it another way? With an abstract, that will give you a different perspective on what it looks like. Maybe you’ll like it more sideways or with the blue on top.

  8. Hannah says:

    As an artist I couldn’t help but put my two cents in– I’d do a light wash of white (or a pale gray) over most of the top half to give the color a bit of a muted sense– which could make it more graphic and it would then “play nicer” 🙂 Very subjective though, so have fun with it!

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