Cocktail of the Week: The Brandy Apple

For a while now, Kevin and I have been doing a little thing we call “Cocktail of the Week.” We pick a drink -sometimes a classic like a gimlet or old fashioned, sometimes a concoction all our own- and learn to make it properly. If we don’t have the required ingredients, we run out to our favorite liquor store and buy what we’re missing. It’s how we keep our (DIYed former changing table) bar stocked with all the necessities.

Despite it’s name, we don’t do it every week. Heck, we hardly do it every month. But last night, after a long, arduous evening of curtain sewing, mama was in need of a cocktail.

And Kevin delivered.

The Brandy Apple

2 oz. Brandy
4 oz. Apple Cider
0.5 oz. Lemon Juice.
Slice of Lemon for garnish

Combine the brandy, apple cider, and lemon juice together in a chilled martini glass. Stir. Garnish. Enjoy. Repeat if necessary.

We need a name for this drink! What would you call it? What’s your favorite fall cocktail?. EDIT: Thanks to Kristen for naming the Brandy Apple!


  1. Cait Sturdivant says:

    I love this! We actually have been mixing Woodford Reserve with apple cider for a wonderfully smooth fall drink. (I also LOVE the fact that your bar is a reuse of a changing table!!!)

  2. Christine @ Casa-de-Christine says:

    Yum!! I have apple cider in the fridge and think I’ll mix up a drink with it when I get home later today! It’s my birthday weekend after all 😉 (I claimed the whole weekend since my birthday is actually on Monday- haha!) Thanks for the inspiration!

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