Craigslist, aka Bush-Be-Gone

That’s right! The Little House is now bushless… and we didn’t dig up a single root. How you ask? Craigslist! We found someone on the Craigslist wanted section who was looking for free bushes. We just so happened to have bushes we wanted to get rid of. It was a match made in heaven on Craigslist.

So the LH went from this (note the scraggily bushes):

To this (iPhone pic at sunset… sorry for the quality):

Of course, this opens a whole new can of worms. Now, we need to:

– Powerwash the brick
– Dig up the rest of the roots
– Re-edge the flowerbeds
– Plant!

I’ve never been a huge fan of bushes, so I’m really, really, really glad to have these out. We’ve got to do some research on what plants are hearty down here in the summer. We want to plant mostly perennials, but we’ll have to do a little at a time (flowers are expensive!). Maybe we can Craigslist some perennials?

Since Craigslisting the bushes worked so well, we’re considering Craigslisting the demo of some of our backyard “structures” and the poorly laid flagstone, something to the effect of “If you come take it out, you can keep all the building supplies and flagstone.” Hopefully it’ll work… It did for Sherry and John.

Have you ever used Craigslist to get yard work done? Know of any heat/drought tolerant plants that aren’t cacti?


  1. Stephanie Phillips says:

    We’ve done the same thing with azaleas! I also saw it on YHL and posted an “Offer” on CL. The bushes were gone the next day! My in-laws thought I was a genius (and I’m more than happy to let them continue believing it!).

    You’re down in TX, right? Check out They do some great green planting (well, you know, the plants are green… but they also use sustainable methods for watering and pick plants that thrive in that environment).

    Good luck!

  2. Erin @ His & Hers says:

    Ooh good idea to “regift” them, in a way! This spring my goal is to learn at least one thing about gardening. I figured I’d aim low, just in case. 😛 We’ll see how that goes.

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