A Homemade Christmas, Part I

What do you get for the puppy that has everything? A new doggy bed? A new squeaker? A day of pampering at the doggy spa? No! You make them homemade Pumpkin Doggy Treats from Simmer Til Done! I’ll let you visit the site for the actual recipe and just share some photos. 🙂

The recipe calls for brown rice flour (as some puppies have a wheat intolerance). We were able to find it at our local fancy pants grocery (you might be able to find it at Whole Foods). Also, the directions don’t mention it, but the dough will be alarmingly crumbly (as seen above). Just roll on. It’ll come together. We choose to cut our treats with Christmas cookie cutters (since they’re Christmas gifts), but you can use any you have on hand.

The best part is that these were incredibly inexpensive– way cheaper than Milkbones. I think we spent about $10 on ingredients and had enough left over to make these again four or five more times. Plus, they taste great. Kevin tried them and said they tasted okay. My friend Danni tried them and asked for seconds. Indy tried them and almost took my hand off going for seconds (and thirds and fourths).

This is just one of the six homemade Christmas gifts Kevin and I have made this season! Have you made any homemade gifts? Do you try your dog’s treats like Kevin and Danni?


  1. Amanda says:

    Such a good idea! There is a lady at our farmer’s market who makes homemade treats… usually we just buy them from her, but I want to try this recipe too. Are spoiled puppies the best??

  2. Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic says:

    Awesome idea making treats! I give gifts to family dogs too, so this would have been perfect. There’s always next year.

    And I try my dog’s treats, so I definitely would have tried these (and most likely will if I ever make them). I’ve got to be honest too, I don’t know why they enjoy Milkbones so much. They’re bland…

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